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Tender translation _ professional tender translation agency _ tender translation company quotation

  Translation of tender documents is a very important part of the whole bidding process. The translation of the tender document must express the whole intention of the user without any omission. The tender translation is also the basis for the preparation of tender documents by the bidder. The bidder must respond substantively to the content of the tender documents, otherwise it will be judged as invalid bids. Therefore, the tender translator needs to have a high degree of professionalism, and must carefully choose the words and sentences to avoid errors in understanding.

  In order to better do a good job bidding documents translation, Sylvia translation company set up the bidding documents translation group and members through the specialized training and practice, all tenders translators have deep industry background, understand the differences between the Chinese and western culture and all kinds of tendering and bidding procedures, and familiar with related knowledge, so that they can better cooperate with tender and bid activities in the each link, Therefore, the professionalism and accuracy of the translation can be guaranteed. If you have any questions about the translation of bidding documents, please contact online customer service.

  Translation of bidding documents:

  Project bidding documents translation, project proposal, equipment bidding documents translation, government procurement tender, track railway construction project bidding documents translation, bidding documents translation, civil engineering bidding documents translation, bidding documents translation highway construction, bridge and tunnel, bidding documents translation, decoration engineering bidding documents translation, housing construction bidding documents translation, oil and gas engineering tender bidding documents translation translation, chemical industry, mechanical and electrical engineering Book translation, etc.

  Tender Translation Quotation:

  Yayan Translation Company firmly maintains the benign development of the industry and opposes the vicious competition of low price and low quality. The company is committed to providing customers with high quality and fast translation services through high standard translation quality

  Translation principles of tender documents:

  There are various invitations and commitments with the nature of legal offer in the bidding document. At the same time, in order to comprehensively introduce themselves and win the trust and goodwill of the bidders, it is necessary to use highly influential business terms at the same time. Bidding document translation is a combination of legal translation and commercial translation. Because there are all kinds of solicitation and commitment with legal offer nature in the bidding book, at the same time, in order to comprehensively introduce themselves and win the trust and good impression of the bidder, it is necessary to use highly influential commercial language at the same time.

  Three characteristics of tender translation:

  Tender mainly adjust the relation of the tenderee and bidder, is the communication between the enterprise and the enterprise, this is a private communication, bid the tone is objective, formal, serious writing, do not use with emotional color, image, exaggerated, colloquial statement, to ban the use of non-standard language.

  Bid translation has the following characteristics:

  1. It is legal.

  The translation of the tender documents needs to use a lot of words with the meaning of "should, must, responsible (obligated), entitled, not entitled, prohibited, not allowed"

  2. The expression is highly accurate.

  The translation of the tender document must not be ambiguous and ambiguous, and must not allow the expression to have obvious loopholes that others can exploit. For example, in the bidding document, the rights and obligations of both parties, the definition of the object to assume the obligations and enjoy the rights is very accurate.

  3. Stylization of presentation.

  Tenders have fixed terms and formulae and relatively fixed format and content points. In addition to some technical terms and business terms, there are also a large number of special terms in the tender documents.

  Matters needing attention in tender translation:

  Bidding and bidding translation is a rigorous and systematic work. On the one hand, the translation of bidding documents should convey accurate bidding information to the bidder, and on the other hand, the translation of bidding documents should present the bidder's response to the tenderee completely. Therefore, the bidding document translation of terms and text standard requirements are very high. In terms of translation, it is necessary to understand different legal systems and keep the consistency of terms between bidding documents and bidding documents.

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