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Manual translation _ professional manual translation services

  With the rapid development of China's economy and the accelerating pace of opening to the outside world, domestic brand products have been occupying the international market. In this process, the translation of instructions plays a crucial role.

  Instruction manual (also known as the user manual) is "to introduce the performance of the article, specifications, the use of practical literature". According to its use, it can be divided into household electrical appliance instructions, drug instructions, cosmetic instructions, food instructions, mechanical equipment instructions, instruments and instruments instructions, book instructions and so on.

  Manual translation scope:

  Cosmetics instruction translation, leaflet, food manual translation, technical manual, installation manual translation, patent specification, mobile phone specifications translation, electrical manual, software translation, project specifications, mechanical equipment operation manual translation, medical equipment specifications such as the English translation of all kinds of product specifications.

  Translated languages:

  English translation, German translation, Japanese translation, French translation, Korean translation, Italian translation, Portuguese translation, Spanish translation, Dutch translation, Indian translation and many other languages.

  Key points of manual translation:

  Instruction is an introductory text format that serves a product. Generally speaking, the main purpose of the manual has two: on the one hand, to introduce to consumers the product's ingredients, performance, characteristics and use methods, etc.; On the other hand, there are advertisements in the introduction to arouse readers' interest and purchase products. Therefore, manual translation requires accurate and full transmission of product information, and at the same time, concise and clear language, clear layers, give people a sense of beauty, and then stimulate people's desire to buy products. Based on years of translation experience, Yayan Translation Company has concluded that the translation of instructions should have the following functions:

  1. Information function: faithfully convey product information, including product ingredients and features;

  2. Aesthetic function: readers can enjoy beauty from the text description of the translation;

  3, imperative function: make consumers to make the original expected response, take consumer action.

  The use of functionality is the end goal. Therefore, in the translation of instructions, Yayan mainly does not transplant the original information intact, but encourages readers (potential consumers) to take consumption actions through the encouragement of the translation, so as to promote the manufacturers to obtain the profits they pursue.

  Manual translation price:

  Yayan Translation Company firmly maintains the benign development of the industry and opposes the vicious competition of low price and low quality. The company is committed to providing customers with high quality and fast manual translation services through high standard translation quality.

  Conclusion: when the product is going to enter the international market, the translator is required to accurately grasp its predetermined communicative purpose and communicative effect when translating the manual. The traditional translation standards of "faithfulness" and "equivalence" can no longer adapt to the flexibility of manual translation, and can not explain the phenomenon of "omitted translation" and "modified translation" in translation. Domestic enterprises should also, according to the needs of the development of the international situation, hand over the translation of enterprise profiles, product brochures and foreign trade to professional translation agencies, so as to gradually penetrate the international market for their product brands.

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