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Advertising translation _ professional advertising translation services

  Yayan translation company is a professional advertising translation service provider, we are committed to providing professional advertising translation solutions for customers. High-quality translation is the core competitiveness of our enterprise, and it is also an important factor for us to win the trust of customers. We always adhere to provide customers with high-quality, high-speed advertising translation and advertising translation localization services.

  Nowadays, with the prosperity of commodity economy and full of information, advertisement has penetrated into every corner of life and become an indispensable part of people's life. Advertising is an art, and advertising translation is a knowledge! In order to achieve an ideal translation effect, we must first make a thorough analysis and understanding of its characteristics. When we translate advertisement English, we must take full account of its stylistic features, and strive to find the Chinese expression mode corresponding to the original text in meaning, form and style, so as to make the translated advertisement achieve the expected social effect. Because of the commercial purpose of advertising to attract customers, advertising English has become a unique category of English language.

  Advertising translation field:

  Advertising language, brand management, press and publication, media management, advertising planning, advertising media, advertising copywriting, advertising research, market research, marketing, film and television literature and mass media, network text, CL planning, public relations planning, commercial advertising, video advertising, audio advertising, etc.

  Advertising translation skills:

  1. Be faithful to the form and content of the original;

  2. Keep the content of the original text and optimize the translation form;

  3. Be careful with overblown words and sentences

  Advertising translation business requires translators to have excellent language organization and expression ability, and can express the artistic conception of customers with beautiful style. Yayan translation has a group of experienced translators, who can accurately and beautifully translate the manuscripts of clients, and the company also arranges professional translators to proofread and polish the manuscripts, so as to ensure that clients receive high quality translation services.

  Field division of advertising translation companies:

  Advertising language, brand management, press and publication, media, advertising planning, advertising media, advertising copy, advertising research, market research, marketing, film and television literature and mass media network text, CI planning, public relations planning and so on!

  Interpretation services of advertising translation companies:

  Oral translation, consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation;

  Advertising translation company video translation:

  Video, subtitle translation, audio and video listening translation, audio translation, professional dubbing (recording studio), production, reproduction production;

  Consulting methods of advertising translation company:

  If you want to understand the knowledge of translation, if you have a large project need to work on the workload, technical requirements, costs, time and a series of issues to understand, then please contact us directly online.

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