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Translation Interpretation Language LocalizationMultimediaTranslation Technology

Multimedia & Culture Translation

Listening and Translation|Transcription

Subtitle Translation and Editing|Dubbing|Literary Translation

As technology advances and the consumer market matures, more intuitive rich media content such as videos, audios, images, and texts has been accepted among consumers as a regular form of promotion. As a kind of special short message that is less time-consuming with diverse ways of representation and rapid dissemination, rich media information has become a popular channel for promotion.

ARTLANGS has a professional multimedia team consisting of native voice actors, editors, engineers, translators and project managers, providing multimedia and media language services such as listening and translation, transcription, subtitle translation and editing, dubbing and voice-over, literary translation, and musical texts translation.

Listening and Translation|Transcription

ARTLANGS provides native listening and translation and transcription in more than 120 languages. After confirming that there are no no errors or omissions in the dictated source text, we will translate the text into the language used in the target market according to your requirements and purposes. If the translation is used for subtitles or dubbing, we will try to use concise, conversational and inspiring words in a style preferred by the target audience.

Subtitle Translation and Editing

In general, the main purpose of translating the subtitles of films and TV series is to let audiences in different countries understand the story and appreciate the movie like seeing one made in their mother tongues by reading the subtitle, and gain a better experience within a limited time with popular and idiomatic expressions in a limited subtitle space.

From commercials and TV shows to TV series, movies, and animations, ARTLANGS will provide you with detailed solutions to accurately and comprehensively convey the video content.


Dubbing is a speech art. It is a creative work by voice actors using their voice and speech through the microphone behind the screen to shape and develop vivid characters of distinct personalities. ARTLANGS works with hundreds of native voice actors around the world to provide customers with dubbing and voice-over services in the most-spoken languages in the world.

In general, before the project starts, we will select the best voice actor from the perspectives of gender, age, voice, speech style and target language according to your needs. After your confirmation, we will provide you with a free dubbing sample. After the project officially starts, the voice actor will complete the dubbing task with high quality in an enclosed professional dubbing studio.

ARTLANGS has dubbed for hundreds of films and TV series, including “Black Coal, Thin Ice”, “Legend of Mi Yue”, and “Battle Through the Heavens”.



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