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Education and Training Translation _ Professional Education and Training Translation Services

  Education is the foundation of a country and the driving force for the continuous development of the society. Nowadays, education has become a hot topic in our society. People realize that only through education can we improve our quality, change our destiny and win our future. As an ancient saying goes, a book is a gift. Education not only enriches one's mind from the perspective of knowledge, but also helps those seeking knowledge to set up moral concepts and establish correct concepts of right and wrong and values. Therefore, the importance of educational translation is not only to enrich people's scientific knowledge, but also to help them build a reasonable cognitive structure, so as to promote the healthy and profound development of the whole society.

  In view of the importance of education itself, the requirements of educational translation are also very strict. Education translators should not only have rich professional knowledge, rigorous working attitude, but also have a high sense of responsibility and a huge sense of mission. Yayan Translation Company has a professional and rigorous diversified team: translators have rich background knowledge and practical experience in the field of education, master various professional terms, and can flexibly adapt to the specific situation. All these qualities are indispensable for educational translation. The special translation platform of Yayan Translation Company is the icing on the cake for the translation work, so that translators can complete their tasks quickly and efficiently. Yayan translation company has a perfect translation system, can meet your translation requirements, to provide you with accurate, professional, high level of translation services.

  Employees, customers and partners all over the world enjoy using and receiving training in their native language, and the experience of the trainees is an important measure of the effectiveness of training. Providing education, training and online learning that satisfies customers, employees and partners will greatly enhance your competitive edge in today's fast-changing business needs, increasing competitive pressures, and rapid technological innovation. In addition, multimedia e-learing training content delivered through the new network greatly facilitates users and helps businesses save money.

  Companies face the following challenges when implementing education, training and e-learning solutions:

  Language differences lead to communication ambiguity:

  Requires shorter release cycles, but technology updates are frequent.

  Translation and proofreading resources are limited and there is a lack of cultural and legal knowledge of different countries and languages.

  The updating of localization training materials lags behind the updating of the content of the original language.

  There are many types of files involved, such as video, audio, image, Flash animation, PDF, etc.

  With many years of experience, Yayan Translation is ready to help clients overcome the above challenges:

  Integrate the company's in-house localization processes and technologies with the customer's internal systems;

  Make full use of Yayan's global network of excellent translation resources to ensure accurate and effective application of local market knowledge to the localization process;

  Integrate customers' local resources into our audit process to reduce labor costs and improve audit accuracy and efficiency;

  Shorten time to market worldwide through effective project operation;

  Assign experienced team members to handle various types of documents in the education, training and eLearning industry:

  If you want to market your products and provide the necessary training on a global scale, yayan translation is your reliable partner. Our mission is to help our clients build stable and sustainable strategies to help them manage global products, user support and training materials across markets, languages and cultures. Yayan Translator provides a full range of translation, proofreading and localization engineering services, including:

  1. Create glossary and translation style guide;

  2. Translation, proofreading and review;

  3. Design and desktop typography

  4. Reprint /QA service;

  5. Online Editing Services:

  6. Interpretation service;

  7. Voice-over/dubbing and recording services;

  We support processing of the following documents (including but not limited to):

  Microsof Word documents, Excel documents, PowerPoint documents, Visio documents, Mspublisher documents, WPS documents, TXT documents, PDF documents, AutoCAD documents, Adobe Framemaker documents, Adobe Pagemaker documents, Adobe Illustrator documents, Adobe InDesign documents, QuarkXpress documents, web documents, picture data, database files, etc.

  Yayan translation attaches great importance to the establishment of long-term customer relations, which becomes the basis of our cooperation. We resolutely resist the vicious competition of low price and low quality, and provide perfect services and answers to the problems encountered by customers in the process of handling their operations.

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