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English translation _ English translation online _ English translation quotation

  English translation is the largest language in the world at present, English accounts for 85% of the translation in China. The translation of all kinds of materials involves the conversion between English and Chinese, among which: Chinese-English translation, English-Chinese translation accounts for the vast majority, and also includes some translation between English and other languages. Involved fields: engineering, medicine, chemical industry, aviation, automobile and other industries.

  Sylvia translation company is one of the major English translation company, since at the beginning of the company set up, is to create the first brand as the goal, English translation in English as main language, according to the different areas of English translation, can translate English into in detail: the legal translation, engineering, machine translation, and other fields. Financial translation is the main core content. In our continuous accumulation and expansion, we have now involved: medicine, aviation, chemical industry and other 21 translation fields.

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  The fields of English translation:

  Automobile English translation, Chemical English translation, Aviation English translation, Medical English translation, Petroleum English translation, Geological English translation

  Financial English translation, engineering English translation, mechanical English translation, science and technology English translation, architectural English translation, English literature translation

  Major English translation services:

  Translation of English papers, English bidding documents, English contracts, English websites and English audit reports

  English book translation, English drawing translation, English manual translation, English instruction manual translation, English video translation, English game translation

  English engineering products

  Engineering drawing, product catalog, product manual, catalog manual, quality manual, analysis report, etc.

  English financial and financial categories

  Translation of company annual report, financial analysis, audit report, various statements, etc.

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