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Professional medical case diagnosis report translation company

  Yayan Translation Co., Ltd. brings together senior medical translation experts and professional medical translators from national scientific research institutes. We focus on the field of medicine and pharmacy and are committed to providing professional medical translation solutions for customers. All manuscripts are final reviewed by senior translators with professional medical background, who strictly check the quality of the translation, and can reflect the fine points in all aspects of the translation.

  In order to ensure the quality of translation, the company has established the professional vocabulary database of customers since the date of cooperation with customers, to ensure the professionalism, accuracy and consistency of medical translation. The medical translation services we provide are strictly "faithful to the original text and in accordance with customs", and strive for "faithfulness, expressness and elegance". You will feel our professional services in the process of cooperation. Us to carry on the scientific of the proof-reader medical personnel and customer management system, when translation customer orders, we will according to the nature of the order picking professing medical translator for translation work, and in the translation we will conduct the project summary report after the completion of the project, and the new knowledge of the translator to carry out the terms of the training work, To improve and perfect the comprehensive quality and knowledge structure of translators.

  Medical translation and translation services:

  1. Basic Medicine (including Human Anatomy, Histoembryology, Cell Biology, Neurophysiology, Physiology, Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Biodiagnostic Technology, Medical Genetics, Preventive Medicine, Epidemiology etc.)

  2, clinical medicine, including cardiovascular internal medicine, neurology, respiratory medicine and digestive internal medicine, renal medicine, vascular surgery, brain surgery, general surgery, neurosurgery, urology and oncology, endocrinology, gynecology and obstetrics, dermatology and venereology otolaryngology anesthesiology clinical epidemiology medical test, sports medicine, etc.).

  3. Pharmacy (including pharmacology, toxicology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmacy, preparation prescription and process, source and quality and quantity standard of raw materials and excipients, drug testing report, new drug application and approval data, drug instructions, drug patent translation).

  4. Medical instruments (materials) and instruments, medical journals and magazines (including translation of domestic and foreign medical journals and periodicals, medical news reports, translation of medical papers, translation of medical websites, hospital information systems, text materials, etc.).

  Medical translation and interpretation services:

  Acoustic medical translation and interpretation services cover more than 20 languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian, etc. The interpreters have many experience in accompanying interpretation, business interpretation, consecutive interpretation, bilingual hosting, and conference simultaneous interpretation in the field of medical translation. We have selected a group of interpreters with medical background from the interpreter pool. They all have rich professional knowledge and strong language skills, so they can ensure to provide high-quality translation services for customers.

  Quotation for medical translation:

  Yayan Translation Company firmly maintains the benign development of the industry and opposes the vicious competition of low price and low quality. The company is committed to providing high quality and fast medical translation services to customers through high standard translation quality.

  Taboos in medical translation

  1. First of all, the taboo of medical translation is numerical error, and the translation of medical content must be accurate and correct.

  Whether the number is wrong or the location of the decimal point is wrong, it will affect the accurate transmission of information. For example, the relevant translation content is the introduction of the number of drug dosage. If there is a deviation in the translation of the number or the decimal point is wrong, it will lead to medication errors. After all, medicine is three poison, well used to save people, the wrong use of harm. So this is one of the most important taboos.

  2. Secondly, medical translation needs to pay attention to the accuracy of words, and there are many professional terms involved in the medical industry.

  These terms can not be substituted at will, if blindly substituted, is likely to lead to mistakes. And if you do not understand the technical terms must be queried to finalize the final result of translation. After all, the meaning of professional terms are independent, and can not be guessed at will under the condition of no query.

  3. Finally, medical translation should avoid paying attention to the literal meaning. After all, translation according to the literal meaning cannot guarantee the smoothness of translation.

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