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Spanish translation price _ Spanish translation company _ Spanish translation fees

  Spanish is one of the working languages of the United Nations, spoken by more than 250 million people around the world. Sylvia translation company is approved by state administration for industry and commerce registration for the record, the Ministry of Public Security professional translation company, the company set up the Spanish translation projects department, recruited a large number of fluent in Spanish translation talents, further study of Spanish translation theory knowledge, in the practical translation work, accumulated rich experience in Spanish translation.

  Spanish translation company business scope:

  Study abroad and immigration materials translation: translation of application materials for study in Spain, translation of Spanish visa, translation of Spanish passport, translation of Spanish household registration, translation of Spanish driver's license, translation of Spanish graduation certificate, translation of Spanish degree certificate, translation of diploma certification for Spanish students.

  Spanish translation company foreign trade solutions:

  Foreign trade translation, contract translation, logistics translation, business translation.

  Spanish translation company interpretation program:

  Spanish Conference Interpreter, Spanish Consecutive Interpreter, Spanish Simultaneous Interpreter, Spanish Escort Interpreter, Spanish Business Interpreter.

  Classification of Spanish Translation Content:

  1. Going abroad in Spain:

  Spanish passport translation, Spanish visa translation, Spanish driver's license translation, Spanish household registration translation, Spanish graduation certificate translation, Spanish degree certificate translation, Spanish diploma certification translation, Spanish request materials translation, Spanish resume translation, etc

  2. Foreign Trade of Spain:

  Spanish foreign trade translation, Spanish legal translation, French bidding translation, Spanish contract translation

  3. Oral Spanish:

  Spanish tourism translation, Spanish accompanying interpretation, Spanish conference interpretation, Spanish exhibition interpretation, Spanish simultaneous interpretation, Spanish consecutive interpretation, etc。

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