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Japanese translation _ Japanese online translation _ Japanese translation quotation

  In order to do a good job in Japanese translation, one must not only have good Japanese language organization ability, native language level and master the most basic Japanese translation skills, but also master the language rules of Japanese. Thus, Japanese translation also has its degree of complexity. Sylvia translation co., LTD. Is a well-known domestic translation company, the company has a professional team, Japanese translation team members not only have excellent translation level, with rich experience and industry background, Japanese translation, therefore, Sylvia translation company can use the high quality service for our customers eliminate communication obstacles in Japanese. Yayan translation focuses on the Japanese translation services in the fields of patents, bidding documents, websites, reports, dubbing, papers, books, advertising, software, real estate, finance, law, letters, manuscripts, foreign trade and so on. With professional and fast translation services, Yayan translation wins the favor of customers and establishes long-term cooperation with customers.

  Japanese translation field:

  Bidding documents, contracts, building documents, engineering, machinery, electronics, website, electricity, petroleum, chemical industry, biology, medicine, finance and economics, communications, software, steel and iron, metallurgy, construction, energy, environmental protection, automobile, aviation, food, clothing, textile, printing and dyeing, agriculture, water conservancy, economy, finance, securities, Insurance, real estate, law, IT, computer, culture, education, literature and art, tourism, business and trade, etc.

  Types of Japanese Translation:

  Translation of audit report, Japanese contract, Japanese bidding document, medical translation, medical translation, automobile translation, aviation translation, Japanese website translation, Japanese paper translation, electricity translation, geological translation, etc

  Japanese interpretation: business accompanying interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, telephone translation, audio translation, video translation, accompanying translation, etc

  Other services: website localization, software localization, simultaneous equipment rental, certificate translation and stamping

  Japanese translation languages:

  Japanese into Chinese, Japanese into simplified Chinese, Japanese into traditional Chinese, Chinese into Japanese, Japanese into English, Japanese into German, Japanese into French,

  Japanese to Russian, Japanese to Italian, Japanese to Spanish, Japanese to Portuguese, Japanese to Dutch, Arabic, Turkish,

  Thai, Malay, Indonesian, Farsi, Vietnamese, Hindi, Urdu, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Czech, Filipino

  Language, Bengali, Hebrew, Mongolian, Hungarian, Irish, Icelandic, Croatian, Estonian, Ukrainian,

  Kazak, Armenian, Romanian, Cambodian, Georgian, Latvian, Slovak and other more than 100 languages of Japanese translation services.

  Conditions for good Japanese translation:

  First of all, a translator should be familiar with and even proficient in the language and culture of his own country, as well as the culture and expression of Japan. When you hear a language, you can find specific points in other language points. If you don't have this ability, you will find a lot of Chinglish, or you think it is right, and the Japanese people will be confused.

  Interpretation and translation are also different. Interpretation only needs the other side to understand the meaning, so it is as simple and clear as possible, and even can be deleted or added to help the other side understand. But the written translation, is a condensed language, must be credible, expressiveness, elegance. That is to be loyal to the original, the words can convey the meaning, smooth writing. This also involves understanding the cultures and language habits of the two countries.

  Basic conditions:

  1. Have certain Japanese language ability

  2. High level of expression in mother tongue

  3. Accumulation and application of experience

  Important conditions:

  1. Be familiar with the language rules between Japanese and mother tongue

  2. Use Japanese logical thinking to translate

  3, translate the key words

  4. Grasp the translation of long sentences

  Do the above, Japanese translation will be no problem

  Japanese translation consultation:

  Yayan Translation Co., Ltd. (Yayan) recommends Japanese translators with National Certificate of Professional Qualification (Level) for Translation and Interpreting. If you still have doubts about online contact account manager, we will wholeheartedly provide you with Japanese translation service!

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