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Drawing translation _ professional drawing translation _ architectural drawing translation

  Architectural drawings, as one of the most important reference standards for designers and technicians in the construction process, have high requirements for professionalism and accuracy. Thus it can be seen that the accuracy of the translation of architectural drawings is the magic weapon for Chinese enterprises. So how to guarantee the accuracy of the translation of architectural drawings?

  Drawing is one of the most important reference standards for designers and technicians in the construction process. The professional and accurate requirements of drawing are very high. According to the professional content and role of different, generally including design basis, design standards and construction requirements. In line with the science of engineering drawing and rigour, Sylvia translation company all drawings the translator training through the strict test, responsible for drawings in the fields of translation, translators all drawings are very familiar with the terminology and master drawing software (such as AUTOCAD, etc.), drawing production and typesetting, thus effectively guarantee the quality of map paper translation.

  Architectural drawing translation service field

  Engineering construction drawing translation, water conservancy construction drawing translation, bridge construction drawing translation, building construction drawing translation, building elevation drawing translation, building section drawing translation, building plane drawing translation, construction engineering construction drawing translation, construction construction drawing translation...

  Translation languages of architectural drawings

  English translation of architectural drawings, German translation of architectural drawings, Japanese translation of architectural drawings, French translation of architectural drawings, Korean translation of architectural drawings, Italian translation of architectural drawings

  Translation of architectural drawings

  All drawings are translated in the following four ways:

  1. Use AutoCAD software to directly translate the original design drawing;

  2. Handwritten translation on the drawings;

  3. Input the drawing into WORD and translate it in a comparative format;

  4. Translate drawings into picture formats;

  Quality and speed of drawing translation:

  In order to ensure the accuracy of drawing translation, the professional drawing translation team shall follow the following orderly working procedures:

  First, a large professional drawing translation team to ensure that all kinds of drawings are translated by professionals.

  II. Standardized drawing translation process. From the beginning of the acquisition of materials to the delivery of the whole process of quality control

  Three, set up a number of translation groups in time, analyze the requirements, unify the professional vocabulary, determine the language style, translation format requirements.

  IV. All drawing translation projects shall be strictly checked by both language and professional skills. From the completion of the first draft to the unification of the draft, from proofreading to the final review of the final draft, even the subtle differences between the words are tried to be accurate.

  Our professional translators have more than five years of translation experience in the field of drawing and have accumulated rich translation experience. All the drawing translators of the company have been strictly tested. Most of the drawing translators have studied abroad or worked in the drawing industry, and they have good drawing translation ability. The members of our drawing translation team have a deep understanding of the industry development and technical terms. We are willing to provide the highest quality and fastest drawing translation and localization services for each customer.

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