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Tourism Translation _ Professional Tourism Introduction Translation

  Tourism translation is the translation for tourism activities, tourism profession and industry, which belongs to professional translation. In a nutshell, tourism translation is like a kind of cross-language, cross-society, cross-time, cross-culture and cross-psychological communication. Compared with other types of translation, it is more direct, more prominent, more typical and more comprehensive in terms of intercultural and interpsychological communication characteristics. Tourism translation is also more interesting than other types of translation. Guided translation, in particular, is a kind of cross-language, cross-cultural and cross-emotional international (folk) communication and interpersonal communication that can be carried out face to face, love to love, formal or informal, with clear purpose and effective effect on the field with thoughtful, purposeful and motivated tourists from overseas different cultural backgrounds. The guiding process is distinctive and the result is direct. Tourism translation not only has the commonness of general interpretation translation and written translation, but also has the individuality of special oral translation. Yayan Translation Company will expatiate on tourism translation from two aspects: the types of tourism translation and the classification of tourism translators.

  The classification of tourism translation

  The scope of tourism translation activities is very wide, covering almost every aspect of translation activities. According to the general translation activities, tourism translation can be classified as follows from different perspectives:

  1. From the perspective of translation means, tourism translation is divided into guided translation, interpretation (including visual translation, consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, etc.), written translation and machine translation.

  2. From the perspective of the languages and symbols involved, tourism translation can be divided into intralingual translation, interlingual translation and intersemiotic translation.

  3. From the perspective of the source language/source language text and the target language/target language text, tourism translation can be divided into two categories: translation from foreign language to native language and translation from native language to foreign language.

  4. From the perspective of the subject matter of translation, translation is divided into professional translation, general translation and literary translation. Tourism translation, like social science translation, scientific and technological translation and legal translation, belongs to professional translation, but also contains the nature and characteristics of general translation (such as applied text, social communication, daily life, etc.) and literary translation (such as poetry, couplets, prose translation, etc.).

  5. From the perspective of translation methods, translation can be divided into full translation and partial translation. Some translations can also be called "translation variants", including paraphrase, extract, interpretation, abbreviation, modification, compilation, reference, paraphrase, summary/translation, translation and writing, etc. (all kinds of variants overlap).

  Travel Translator Categories

  There are similarities and differences between those engaged in tourism translation and those engaged in general translation, which need to be classified and explained. As the former business scope, business content, service objects and so on are different, so their business nature and service mode are not the same. Even if the same translator, because of the nature of the business engaged in different, the social role played by the change. There is no universally recognized unified standard for the classification of tourism translation types, and the term "tour guide translation" is popular with Chinese peers (as is also known abroad, namely Quide-Interpreter). Therefore, Yayan Translation Company respects objectivity and interprets tourism translation from the perspective of reality and development. A new classification of tourism translators in China is proposed.

  1. According to the nature of their profession, tourism translators can be divided into institutional translators, professional translators for travel agencies, full-time guides for travel agencies, part-time guides for travel agencies and freelance translators.

  2, according to the work area (or business scope), tourism translation can be divided into institutional translation, travel agency professional translation, local guide translation, whole-course guide translation, etc., can also be added scenic spots guide and international guide.

  3. According to the technical level of national translation series, tourism translators are (in the past) divided into assistant translators, translators, sub-translators and translators. The personnel department has implemented the "test instead of evaluation" system, and the translation is divided into four levels: senior, first-level, second-level, third-level interpreter and translator.

  4. According to the technical level of the national tour guide series, the (foreign language) tour guides can be divided into primary tour guides, intermediate tour guides, senior tour guides and super tour guides.

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