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Contract Translation_ Business Contract Agreement Translation_ Housing Lease Translation

  The contract translation department of yayan translation company is a professional foreign contract translation company in China, in which English contract translation accounts for 68% of the total. At present, the Contract Translation Department of Yayan Translation Company has professional contract translators and contract translation proofreaders, all of whom have contract translation experience in the corresponding industry, and can effectively carry out all kinds of contract translation services.

  Contract translation:

  Translation of mechanical contracts, automobile contracts, chemical contracts, petroleum contracts, electronic contracts.

  Main types of contract translation:

  Translation of labor contracts, procurement contracts, commercial contracts, sales contracts, contracts, housing lease contracts.

  Contract translation:

  Business contract translation, foreign trade contract, the labor contract translation, translation service contract, contractual agreements, contracts, contract translation, contracts, quality assurance, protocol translation, real estate contracts, franchise contract translation, leasing contract, confidential contract transfer contract translation, translation, engineering contract translation, business contract translation, work employment contract, etc.

  Contract translation price:

  Consult online customer service for details

  Matters needing attention in contract translation:

  1. The number of words shall be calculated in Chinese characters. The documents with less than 500 words shall be paid to the account first and then the translation shall be submitted.

  2. Provide electronic documents in Word, Excel, PDF and other formats. Charging fees and tabulation fees shall be calculated separately;

  3. A deposit of 50% of the estimated words will be charged;

  4, old customers can discount the number of words cumulative calculation;

  5. If the original text is slightly changed after payment, the client can provide free translation modification.

  Contract Translation:

  A contract is an agreement between the parties or both parties to establish, modify or terminate a civil relationship. Lawfully formed contracts shall be protected by law. In a broad sense, contract refers to the agreement that defines the relationship between rights and obligations in all legal departments. In a narrow sense, contracts refer to all civil contracts. Yayan translation co., LTD is a team formed by senior project managers, senior translators who have worked in large professional translation companies and localization service providers, as well as experienced IT editors and typesetting engineers. Yayan translation company provides contract translation, contract interpretation, contract simultaneous interpretation and other services. Our aim is to provide our customers with high quality and efficient service.

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