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Simultaneous Interpretation Translation

  Simultaneous Interpretation is called Simultaneous Interpretation, also known as Simultaneous Interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation is a method of interpreting the speaker's speech to the audience without interrupting the speaker's speech. Interpreters use special simultaneous interpretation equipment, sitting with soundproof room, commonly known as the "box", a continuous through headphones to listen to the source language speaker, side almost synchronously all expressed by the speaker into the mouthpiece information are fully and accurately translated into the target language, the target language output through the microphone. Participants in need of interpretation service can tune to their desired language channel through the receiver and listen to the corresponding output of the translated language through the earphone.

  Simultaneous interpretation is a strictly limited by the time the difficulty of translation transformation activities, which requires the interpreter grasps the source language listening speaking at the same time, with the theme of the existing knowledge quickly completed, understanding and memory for the forecast of the source language information, transformation, and the target language of planning, organizing, expression, monitoring and correction, synchronous speak the target language translation, simultaneous interpretation therefore also called simultaneous interpretation.

  The advantage of simultaneous interpretation is high efficiency, which can ensure that the speaker can make a coherent speech without affecting or interrupting the speaker's train of thought, and is conducive to the audience's overall understanding of the full text of the speech. Simultaneous interpretation is a popular translation method in the world today. It has a strong academic and professional nature and is usually used in formal international conferences. At present, 95% of international conferences in the world adopt the method of simultaneous interpretation, which is characterized by the speaker speaking continuously while the translator is listening to and translating. The average interval between the original text and the target text is three to four seconds, up to more than ten seconds, and the translator only uses the gap between the speaker's two sentences to complete the translation work. Therefore, the quality requirements of simultaneous interpretation translators are very high.

  Field of simultaneous translation services:

  Press conference, international exhibition, special lectures, business activities, business negotiations, news media, foreign affairs activities, new product release reception, training lectures, TV broadcast, international arbitration, international large conferences, etc.

  Language of simultaneous translation service:

  English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, etc.

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