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Interpretation Services

Any language barrier in international cooperation?

You may need an interpreter to deliver your messages instantly

Unlike translation, interpretation requires instant delivery of information, without any chance of  hesitation and modification. The interpreter’s translation skills and experience are critical to successful interpretation. Our interpreters are equipped with not only expertise, but also a good understanding of international etiquette, proper behaviour and elegant speech.

No matter on what occasions you need the interpretation, international conferences, business negotiations, exhibitions, reception of foreign guests, factory inspections, over-the-phone, or videos, etc., we can always provide you with the most suitable interpreter based on your requirements and preferences on the interpreter’s language proficiency, interpretation experience, industry-specific knowledge and interpersonal skills. ARTLANGS has developed long-term cooperation with local interpreters in major cities at home and abroad to help you deal with various scenarios for international business with ease.

Types of interpretation services:

1. Business interpretation, including interpreting for business negotiations, investment fairs, signing ceremonies, etc.

2. Exhibition interpretation, including interpreting for exhibition inspections and communication at exhibitions.

3. Conference interpretation, including interpreting for diplomatic meetings, academic conferences, press conferences, news briefings, press conferences, economic forums, business meetings, seminars, banquet speeches, etc.

4. Engineering interpretation, including interpreting for engineering contract signing ceremonies, on-site communication, press conferences, etc.

5. Overseas interpretation. Some projects require an interpreter to provide interpretation services abroad for a certain period of time. Under normal circumstances, such interpreters are paid in the form of monthly or annual salary. The client shall bear the cost of food and accommodation (or providing subsidies for food and accommodation), commercial insurances, vaccines, round-trip air tickets, social insurances and housing fund (for Chinese interpreters) for such interpreters according to local conditions, and offer overtime pay.

6. Accompanying interpretation, including accompanying interpretation during travel, judicial proceedings (such as attending court hearings), business inspections, factory visits, etc. If the duration is less than 4 hours, it shall be counted as 4 hours; if more than 4 hours but less than 8 hours, it shall be counted as 8 hours; if more than 8 hours, the extra hours shall be paid overtime compensation by the hour.

7. Training interpretation, including interpreting for teaching training, professional skills training, etc.

8. Simultaneous interpretation, including simultaneous interpretation and whispered interpretation. The former refers to the interpretation completed by the interpreter using a headphone and microphone in a special interpretation/soundproof booth. Since simultaneous interpretation is a mentally challenging work, it is generally necessary to arrange for at least two interpreters to perform the task by turns.

Whispered interpretation is also known as Chuchotage. In this case, the interpreter, siting or standing behind or in the middle of one or two audiences, with no interpretation booth or headphone, simultaneously interprets what is being said in a whisper.

If there are only two audiences require interpretation into a certain language, or a foreign delegation wants to visit different venues, then it may be unnecessary to build an interpretation booth and install audio equipment for simultaneous interpretation. Under such circumstance, whispered interpretation is a convenient way worth considering. Whispered interpretation requires strong anti-interference ability of the interpreter.

9. Over-the-phone interpretation, including interpreting telephone conversation, audios or videos on instant chat tools (WeChat, Skype, etc.), or on online interpretation platforms, etc.

The main language pairs in ARTLANGS’s interpretation services include but are not limited to:

Between English and Mandarin (Chinese), English and Cantonese, English and Japanese, English and Korean, English and French, English and Italian, English and German, English and Spanish, English and Portuguese, English and Russian, Mandarin (Chinese) and French, Mandarin (Chinese) and Italian, Mandarin (Chinese) and German, Mandarin (Chinese) and Spanish, Mandarin (Chinese) and Portuguese, Mandarin (Chinese) and Russian, Mandarin (Chinese) and Japanese, and Mandarin (Chinese) and Korean.


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