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Professional French translation _ French translation _ French translation quotation

  Along with our country reform and open policy and the pace of foreign trade, international cooperation between China and France increasingly strengthen, French translation requirements also gradually to increase, Sylvia translation company as a professional translation company, in a French translation industry have high visibility, French translation has become one of Sylvia translation company at the core of the language. Company since its inception, attaches great importance to the French translation talents construction, there are more than 1000 French translators, interpreters has not only profound language foundation of basic skills, also has the medical, chemical, petroleum, construction, machinery, legal, and other fields of expertise, can provide French and Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German language, etc. Multilingual translation. Perfect translation process, standardized management system, effectively ensure the quality of French translation. If your French materials need to be translated into other languages, or if you need a French interpreter to assist you with some tasks and projects, please contact the Account Manager online.

  French translation scope

  French study abroad, immigration solutions: French passport translation, French visa translation, French driver's license translation, French hukou translation, French graduation certificate translation, French degree certificate translation, French diploma certification translation, French application materials translation, French resume translation。

  French foreign trade solutions: French foreign trade translation, French legal translation, French tender translation, French contract translation。

  Oral French translation solutions: French tourism translation, French accompanying interpretation, French conference interpretation, French exhibition interpretation, French simultaneous interpretation, French consecutive interpretation。

  French data solutions: French paper translation, French patent translation, French manual translation, French literature translation, French website translation, French Tomb translation, French book translation, French popular science works translation, French drawings translation, French enterprise profile translation。

  French translation languages

  Translation of French into other languages: French translation of Chinese, French translation of English, French translation of Japanese, French translation of German, French translation of Korean, French translation of Russian, French translation of Spanish, French translation of Italian, French translation of Arabic, etc。

  Translation of other languages into French: Chinese translation of French, English translation of French, Japanese translation of French, German translation of French, Korean translation of French, Russian translation of French, Spanish translation of French, Italian translation of French, Arabic translation of French, etc。

  Translation price of documents and materials in French translation

  The price of translation of documents in French translation mainly depends on the following aspects:

  1. The stronger the professionalism, the higher the price of translation of documents in French translation, and the more difficult the content, the higher the price of translation of English documents and materials. The more advanced the content is, the more technical it is, and the fewer translators who are qualified for the translation of such documents, the higher the price.

  2. The delivery time generally does not affect the translation price of documents and materials in French translation, but if the task is very urgent, such as the translation project that requires the delivery of the manuscript on the same day or several hours, the price will certainly be higher.

  3. The sentences of French legal documents are generally long, and the vocabulary of medical professionals is large. Moreover, doctors are often competent in the translation of medical professional documents, and the income of medical professionals is relatively high in the world.

  4, used for public publishing, website release and other purposes, the Chinese translation needs long-term use of translation tasks, the quality will be higher, the price will be high. For example, some of the content used for advertising requires the language to be extremely authentic, requiring the right to be elegant, and the price of such a document translation will be several times that of ordinary content.

  5. Repeatability of documents: batches of French documents tend to have self-duplication and mutual duplication. The higher the ratio of repeatability, the lower the translation price of documents in French translation and vice versa. For example, the balance sheets of several English contracts with relatively similar contents in different years have great overlap with each other. In this case, the total cost of translation can be greatly reduced.

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