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Book translation _ professional book translation services

  Sylvia cooperation book translation translation company is a professional company, we need to translate the books on the first analysis, and then pick out the good at the interpreter for this a few books in the field of translation work, and establish the book translation terminology in the field of library and make sure every interpreter in terms of translation to keep unity, Finally, it will be reviewed and proofread many times by two to three senior interpreters to determine the accuracy of the book translation. Book translation includes literary book translation and electronic book translation.

  In order to guarantee the quality of book translation, in the process of early work, the company will be according to the degree of difficulty of professional books and hard indexes such as establish a number of translation project, qualitative analysis is done to the whole book, then make the translation process table, to control the translation progress, do simultaneous translation and a review, found the problem in a timely manner to correct. At the same time, in order to avoid quality problems such as inconsistent vocabulary and style of writing, the company adopts strict translation control process, so the book translation of Yayan Translation Company is always ahead of other counterparts in quality.

  Yayan Translation Co., Ltd. has always attracted a lot of customers with its high quality. Yayan Translation Co., Ltd. has cooperated with many publishing institutions at home and abroad. In the aspect of book translation, we have rich experience in various fields of book translation. We have been committed to high quality, fast speed book translation services, Yayan translation company is looking forward to working with you sincerely.

  Book translation company service field:

  E-book translation, buildings, books, computer book translation, machinery, books, information book translation, translation education books, technology books, philosophy book translation, literature translation, translating political books, legal books, book translation of management, finance book translation translation, economics books, medical books, etc

  Book translation company quality and speed;

  In order to ensure the accuracy of book translation, the book translation team works according to the following order:

  1. A huge book translation team ensures that all kinds of book translation manuscripts are handled by professionals.

  2. Standardized book translation process. From the beginning of the acquisition of materials to the delivery of the whole process of quality control, and achieve efficient, fast.

  3. Set up several book translation groups in time, analyze various requirements, unify professional vocabulary, determine language style and translation format requirements.

  4. The book translation projects are strictly proofread by both language and professional skills. From the completion of the first draft to the draft, from proofreading to the final review of the final draft, even to the subtle differences between words also strive to be accurate.

  5. Uninterrupted recruitment and sufficient human resources constantly gather elites and masters in the book translation field.

  6. Continuously carry out systematic retraining projects for internal and external book translators.

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