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Translation Interpretation Language LocalizationMultimediaTranslation Technology

Professional Translation Services

Papers Published in SCI Journals|Contracts|Product Manuals|Instructions

Translation usually refers to document translation, including the translation of information, business documents, etc. The conversion between source and target languages ​​​​​​​​plays a very important role in both product internationalization and international cooperation.

Over the past 20 years, ARTLANGS has gained rich experience in project processing across multiple industries and languages, and built powerful corpora in different fields to ensure the accuracy and rigor of translations for customers.

In addition to content Professional translation services , we also provide desktop publishing services to deliver information for you in the language used in the target market and in a required format, so as to break language barriers and assist in your global business strategy.

Document translation services involve the following documents: papers published in SCI journals, contracts, product manuals, instructions, bidding documents, resumes, legal literature, finance materials, geological survey reports, environmental impact assessment reports, training materials, assessment reports, professional and technical materials, equipment materials, component diagrams, construction drawings, construction documents, etc.

Translation services mainly involve the following industries: finance, law and contracts, games, film and entertainment, marketing, advertisement, medicine, information technology, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, automobile, construction, patent, home appliance, communication, tourism, hotel management , manufacturing, history and archaeology, literature and art, beauty and cosmetics, education and e-learning, human resources, energy and chemicals, and environmental protection, etc.

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