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About ARTLANGS >News >Spanish escort translation service, here's what you need to know

Spanish escort translation service, here's what you need to know

  As the second largest language in the world, one of the six working languages ​​of the United Nations, and spoken by 4.84% of the world's population, Spanish belongs to the Indo-European-Romans-West Romance branch. Its users are mainly distributed in Spain and Latin America (except Brazil, Belize, French Guiana, Haiti, etc.).

  At the moment of frequent international exchanges, especially driven by the "One Belt, One Road" strategic concept, the distance between my country and the world is getting closer and closer, and the cooperation is getting closer and closer. When conducting business activities, visits and inspections, or holding conferences and exhibitions with different countries and regions, it is inevitable that communication will not be smooth due to language differences.

  In this case of communication obstruction, the value of accompanying translators is reflected. They can help the communication between the two sides of the conversation to proceed smoothly and successfully solve the communication problems caused by the different languages ​​of the two parties. Today, Artlangs Translation Company will talk to you about the Spanish accompanying translation service.

  Under normal circumstances, the service scope of Spanish accompanying translation includes translation between foreign languages ​​and Chinese during business escort, or translation between languages ​​of various ethnic groups in China; Provide accompanying interpreting services in various foreign affairs activities of enterprises and institutions; accompany interpreting work in business visit reception, foreign affairs visit reception, and daily life exchanges; in travel escort, provide interpreting services to enable tourists to understand the history, Human resources, etc.

  As for the quality requirements for Spanish accompanying translations, Artlangs Translation Company believes that accompanying translations usually do not involve more in-depth professional knowledge; at the same time, the accompanying process will involve more local life and cultural habits. Knowledge and cultural exposure have become the basic requirements for accompanying interpreters. And in people's understanding, accompanying translation generally includes various auxiliary services. If these services are clearly agreed, the translator should strive to be professional and perfect; even if the agreement is not very detailed, the translator is better able to be kind to others and provide convenience for customers.

  In addition, in the process of escort translation, the translator and the client are in close contact with each other frequently and are in close contact. It is the most ideal state for the accompany translator to be in harmony with the client's aura and congenial. At the same time, as a translator, you must have a sense of boundaries and pay attention to your position as a service provider; of course, some soft requirements will be involved in the process of accompanying translation, but this does not mean that the requirements for foreign language proficiency are reduced. Excellent translation ability is a basic professional requirement for any kind of translation; at the same time, the translation of the process is also a key element to provide a comfortable service experience in the accompanying translation.

  The above is the introduction of Spanish accompanying translation service, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

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