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About ARTLANGS >News >Arabic translation service, these points need to know

Arabic translation service, these points need to know

  As one of the working languages ​​of the United Nations, Arabic belongs to the Semitic language family - Semitic language family - Middle Semitic language branch. The number of people who use Arabic as their mother tongue exceeds 260 million, and the total number of global users exceeds 440 million. West Asia and North Africa. During the centuries of the Middle Ages, Arabic was one of the languages ​​spoken by the academic cultures of the entire Middle Eastern and Western civilized world.

  With the deepening of Sino-foreign trade cooperation, the demand for Arabic translation services is becoming more and more urgent. There are also many Arabic translation companies in China, and many of them have some speculators. Today, Artlangs Translation Company will chat with you about Fees for Arabic translation.

  Compared with common languages ​​such as English, Japanese, and Korean, Arabic translation is relatively rare, and naturally its price is slightly higher. Arabic translation can be divided into document translation and document translation according to the type of documents. The ordinary pricing method for document translation is to charge according to the number of pages or copies, such as: ID card translation, marriage certificate translation, household registration book translation, driver's license translation, etc., It includes a special translation seal stamped with the industrial and commercial record, the translator's signature, the translation of the translator's statement, the corresponding translator's translation certificate (can be found on the National Translation Professional Qualification Examination Network), and a copy of the company's business license stamped with the official seal.

  As for the fees for document translation, it is generally related to the purpose of the document and the difficulty of translation. For example, for professional and low-quality types such as invitation letter translation and letter translation, junior translators can do the job, and the price is naturally more affordable. Professional senior translators translate, and the fees will naturally be higher. In general, document translation requires specific content evaluation before an accurate quotation can be given.

  In general, the charges for Arabic interpreting are related to time, place, type of interpreter, subject content, and requirements for interpreters. Since there are relatively few Arabic interpreters in the professional field, the reference price cannot be given. Generally, the real-time quotation of the interpreter's schedule and field can be seen.

  In this case, the translation company usually first gives a general price range for Arabic interpreting and translation, and then combines the specific needs of the customer's project to match the relevant background interpreting and translation translators, and only after matching the appropriate translators can they give the customer a specific quotation. If the venue does not have simultaneous interpretation equipment, it is also necessary to lease related equipment and pay the corresponding rent.

  The above is an introduction to the price of Arabic translation. The actual price depends on which aspect of the translation service the customer wants to perform. There are different prices for different types of translation projects with different levels of difficulty, so this point must be kept in mind.

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