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About ARTLANGS >News >What misconceptions do you have about the translation industry?

What misconceptions do you have about the translation industry?

  With the continuous deepening of my country's foreign exchanges, especially the global economic integration and the "One Belt, One Road" strategic concept, the language service market has entered a period of rapid development. The role of language as a transnational language exchange is becoming more and more obvious, and the target of language services is also slow. slowly expanded to the general population. However, in today's booming translation industry, many people still have misunderstandings about the translation industry. Today, Artlangs Translation Company will tell you what misunderstandings exist.

  First of all, if you have a high level of foreign language, you can translate well. Many people think that as long as the foreign language level is high, they can enter the translation industry. In fact, a high level of foreign language only means that the basic skills of the language are very solid, but translation requires skills, as well as continuous practice, practice, research, and broadening of knowledge. The professionalism and practicality of translation work is very strong. To be a translator, a translator must not only master the vocabulary and grammar of foreign languages, but also have an understanding of the background knowledge of China and the countries where foreign languages​​are used. Only by doing a lot of translation practice and accumulation can he become a qualified translator. into the translation industry.

  Secondly, they will think that translation is sentence making. Many small partners who have not entered the translation industry think that translation is to make sentences, as long as they know the approximate meaning of each word and combine them into a sentence. In fact, translation requires skill and regularity. The purpose of the comprehensive translation ability test is to test the candidates' ability to apply foreign language vocabulary and grammar, as well as their mastery of synonyms, synonyms, and grammar rules. In the exam, many candidates' basic language skills are not solid, and there are many mistakes in voice and nouns. Therefore, it is recommended that you prepare two dictionaries when learning translation, such as English-Chinese and English-English dictionaries.

  Some people think that translation is just looking up a dictionary. Some small partners have relatively narrow knowledge and do not understand the skills required for translation and word processing methods. In fact, the knowledge of literature, science and engineering involved in translation may be needed in political translation, news translation, overseas translation, thesis translation, contract translation and other fields. A good translation is built on the basis that the listener or reader can clearly understand it. Be faithful to the original text in content and style. Whether it is Chinese-to-English or English-to-Chinese translation, you must be familiar with the background knowledge and deep meaning of the article. Therefore, entering the translation industry is not only as simple as looking up a dictionary, but a broad knowledge base and good logical ability are very important.

  In the end, some people will feel that there are rules in the proposition of the test paper. If you want to enter the translation industry, you must first take a translation test that can prove your ability. Some training institutions on the Internet use the slogan of "deciphering the rules of translation qualification examination propositions" to attract candidates to participate in the training. In fact, what kind of proposition, the propositioner is still exploring. The content of the translation test involves all walks of life, and any material can be used as the material for the translation test. There are no rules at all.

  The above is the sharing of the translation industry, I hope it can be helpful to everyone. In general, translation is not as difficult as imagined, but it is obvious that it is impossible to do translation work and gain a foothold in the translation industry through opportunism.

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