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About ARTLANGS >News >Regarding the audit report translation service, we summarize these points

Regarding the audit report translation service, we summarize these points

  As the process of global economic integration continues to accelerate, more and more companies have established multinational companies and branches around the world. For such companies, accepting audit inspections is a must. In order to meet the requirements of the auditing unit, the translation of the audit report is particularly important. Compared with ordinary reports, the score of audit reports must be accurate, otherwise it will affect the results of the audit. In order to ensure the translation quality of the audit report, Artlangs Translation Company recommends that you choose a professional and formal translation company for cooperation. Regarding the audit report translation service, Artlangs Translation Company would like to discuss the following aspects with you.

  The first is the characteristics of the audit report translation service. We should know that the audit report is issued by a certified public accountant. Similarly, the translation of the audit report needs to fully respect the original text, and must not arbitrarily modify or delete, add or delete words, which will damage the objectivity of the audit report. Only by ensuring the objectivity of the audit report can it be recognized by the law and society. In business communication, the operation of the company can be referred to through the audit report, so the audit report is an important reference for business decision-making.

  When auditing a company's financial situation, a certified public accountant needs to strictly abide by the auditing procedures, and all companies are treated equally. The translation of audit reports of different companies should always maintain consistent quality requirements, and try to be as prudent, rigorous and fair as possible. When translating the audit report, the date, table amount, signature, firm information, audit opinion, responsibility information, etc. in the translation must be highly consistent with the original.

  Secondly, professional audit report translation companies have very rich translation experience, and in the field of report translation, they have translated annual reports, financial audit reports, tax statements, audit reports and other documents for many foreign-funded enterprises and listed companies. The professional terminology has sufficient knowledge to provide professional and efficient report translation services. At the same time, a complete translation process has also been established. After translation, the translation project manager or senior reviewers will conduct multiple reviews and proofreading. The professionalism and accuracy of the translation ensure the translation quality of the audit report. With many professional translators, translation and translation has always been the core business of the company, and has provided translation and translation services for many enterprises and individuals at home and abroad.

  Finally, when people are looking for translation of audit reports, they usually ask what the fees for translation of audit reports are. If the translation company does not have a standard and reasonable quotation, such companies are generally informal companies. Nowadays, the translation market must be mixed. Started as an informal translation company, they did not have a reasonable quotation system, and they marked the price indiscriminately. It is better for us not to choose such a translation company. Professional translation companies are proficient in language level, language habits, industry standards, industry terminology, etc., and can meet all your expectations.

  So how much does the translation of the audit report cost per thousand words? Under normal circumstances, the reference price for the translation of the audit report is 170-300 RMB per thousand characters. In some special engineering industries, there are many words that are not often used, so the cost is also It will be improved. It requires translators with relatively strong professional skills to complete the translation. It requires advanced translators to translate audit reports, and the cost will definitely increase a lot. The translation price of the actual audit report is subject to the real-time quotation.

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