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About ARTLANGS >News >Do you know what factors affect translation quality?

Do you know what factors affect translation quality?

  Shakespeare once said, "There are a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand readers." This sentence also applies to the translation industry, which is unique compared to other industries because the subjectivity of language makes assessing translation quality more challenging. A good translation needs to convey meaning accurately from one language (original) to another (translation), it must convey the original tone and intent of the message, while also taking into account cultural and regional differences.

  In the opinion of Artlangs Translation Company, high-quality translation should effectively convey the original meaning to the target audience in a readable and understandable manner, follow all grammatical conventions, observe rules such as line breaks, punctuation, alignment, etc.; it should also use accurate and consistent terminology; adhere to current accepted language usage and use appropriate language for the target audience and take cultural considerations into account. As for the factors that affect the quality of translation, Artlangs Translation Company believes that there are the following points.

  The first is the influence of source files. When translating, professional translation companies generally negotiate with customers to further understand the original documents provided by customers. If the original text provided by the client is incomplete and has certain defects, the translation work will become more ambiguous, or some languages ​​cannot be clearly expressed, which will naturally increase the difficulty of translation. Therefore, before translating, be sure to communicate with the client carefully to understand as much as possible the meaning of the original text.

  The second is the influence of cultural and regional differences. In the process of translation, different nationalities and countries are always involved, so different cultural backgrounds are produced. If the translators do not have a special understanding of the cultural customs of different countries, they are easily restricted in the process of translation, and even touch some cultural taboos, so there is no way to show a high-quality translation process, so professional translation companies It needs to make up for its own deficiencies in this regard.

  Finally, it is the influence of professional ability. For translators, if their professional ability is not particularly strong, it will cause a lot of influence. At present, many translation companies have different professional translators, and they are involved in different fields, but they also need to improve themselves in time. Professional ability in this field, so that there will not be too many problems when translating.

  The above is the relevant sharing about translation quality. I hope you can refer to these points when choosing translation services, and try to cooperate with professional and formal translation companies in order to maximize translation quality.

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