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Manual translation - Product manual translation

  Manual translation - A manual is a stylistic way of describing something or something in relative detail so that people can recognize and understand it. The specification should be practical and realistic, one by one, two, not to achieve a certain purpose and exaggerated product function and performance. The specification should explain the whole thing, not only to introduce its advantages, but also clearly explain the matters needing attention and possible problems. Product instruction, operation instruction, installation instruction generally use instructions, and drama performance instruction can be narrated, lyrical.

  Specification data translation - specification of a variety of forms, the compilation of the specification should not be eclectic, generalize. Today the advertising function of manual is also indispensable. Good instructions can make users want to buy, to achieve the purpose of promotion. Specifications are used to disseminate certain knowledge and techniques. Introduces the working principle, main technical parameters and components of the product.

  Manual translation. Explanation is the basic function of a specification. With the development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of people's livelihood, the rapid development of industry and agriculture and the prosperity of cultural and recreational activities, people will encounter a variety of production products and consumer goods in life production. If the introduction of foreign products, in order to allow the people to make good use of these products, the real service for people's life, each production enterprises need to find a professional translation company provides translation service, preparing, easy-to-read - product or life with illustrations of the consumer goods, for the use of users to provide practical guidance and help.

  Our clients cover a wide range of industries, including biomedical, chemical, medical, mechanical and electrical, automotive, aviation, shipping, fashion, construction, law, IT, finance, etc. The company has become a translation service provider for nearly 100 fortune 500 enterprises.

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