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Russian translation _ Russian translation company _ Russian translation quotation

  The russians used in Russian language, also is the common language of the former Soviet union, as a working language of the United Nations, now in China and Russia border of Inner Mongolia and xinjiang have speak Russian, it is one of the indo-european Slavic languages, are also retained the ancient inflections in the indo-european is more of a language. Therefore, Russian translation needs professional translators to complete.

  Sylvia translation company as a domestic well-known company, which owns many professional translation talents, to high quality, high efficiency to meet customer service requirements, a Russian translation work team and Sylvia translation company, focusing on the Russian translation service work, to further meet the needs of customers at home and abroad at the same time, to do a good job of Russian translation.

  Yayan Russian translation services:

  Russian technical translation, Russian website translation, Russian, Russian audio translation software translation, Russian cars, Russian property translation, Russian airlines, Russian, Russian patent translation, medical translation Russian academic translation, Russian bid, Russian translation, Russian notarization, Russian book translation, Russian business contract translation, Russian papers, Russian translation, Russia Foreign trade translation, Russian financial translation, Russian dubbing translation.

  Elegant words in Russian

  Yayan is translated into Chinese, Japanese, English, German, Korean, French, Arabic and other languages.

  Russian translation process:

  Manuscript analysis -- evaluation of quotation -- professional translation -- translation proofreading -- unified manuscript polishing -- editing and typesetting -- submission of manuscript to the client -- manuscript quality tracking -- establishment of industry terminology database.

  Russian interpretation process:

  Pre-sales consultation and communication 1 project analysis 1 quotation of translation company 1 preliminary cooperation intention reached 1 selection and confirmation of interpreters 1 contract signing 1 advance payment (advance payment of no less than 40% of the total price shall be paid through online banking or Alipay) 1 arrangement of interpreters 1 customer acceptance 1 balance payment 1 invoice issuance.

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