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Professional English translation services - to provide first-class human translation services

  The service industry is what we usually call the tertiary industry. The service industry is an important yardstick to measure a country's economic level. The more developed the economy, the greater the proportion of the service industry. As one of the service industries, translation service is an industry that has been vigorously developed by China in recent years. As a leader in the domestic translation service industry, Yayan Translation Co., Ltd., with its unique business model and abundant human resources, has made full use of the advantages of the right time and place, and has quickly become the leader in the artificial translation service industry. Yayan is committed to providing professional, high-quality and efficient translation services for domestic and foreign enterprises, non-profit organizations and individuals. Our translation services are available in more than 400 cities across the country. No matter where you are, you just need to contact our online customer service. You can enjoy the first-class translation service of Ya Yan.

  Type of translation service:

  I. Translation services

  The translation services provided by yayan mainly include the following aspects: certificate translation, contract translation, tender document translation, thesis translation, localization translation, drawing translation, patent translation, subtitle translation, etc.

  II. Interpretation service

  Yayan provides the following types of interpretation services: exhibition interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, accompanying interpretation, consecutive interpretation, conference interpretation, business interpretation, bilingual hosting, technical interpretation, etc.

  Yayan provides translation services in the following fields: chemical translation, financial translation, construction translation, legal translation, medical translation, IT translation, mechanical translation, automobile translation, etc.

  Language of translation service:

  Our translation services cover the following languages: English translation (including English-Chinese translation and Chinese-English translation, English translation, English interpretation), French translation, Russian translation, German translation, Japanese translation, Korean translation, Italian translation, Portuguese translation, Spanish translation, Arabic translation...

  Translation service process

  1, send the original text, accurate quotation: will need to translate the information, through fax, E-mail, QQ and other ways to send to us, the project department after evaluation according to the Yayan translation company quotation standard to give you an accurate quotation;

  2. Sign the contract and entrust the translation: When you reach the cooperation intention with us, sign the translation contract and pay the advance payment. After receiving the advance payment, our company will immediately start the high-quality translation service.

  3. Check and accept the translation and settle the balance: through professional translation and repeated proofreading, all the translation work will be completed on time and with good quality. The balance will be settled after the customer is satisfied with the acceptance of the translation.

  Translation Service Specification:

  Yayan's translation service is implemented in strict accordance with the "Standards for Translation Service" promulgated by the state, that is, the translation should be faithful to the original text, the terms should be unified, the writing should be smooth, and the translation should meet the standards of faithfulness, expressness and elegance. In addition, the most common number expressions, special nouns, units of measurement, symbols, abbreviations, translation arrangement and other processing are carried out in accordance with the national standards.

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