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Financial translation_ securities translation_ bank trust translation

  Yayan Translation has a team of financial translators with deep financial background. We are able to deeply understand all kinds of financial terms in our clients' manuscripts and express them in accurate target languages. Relying on the company's high-quality financial translation team, we have taken the initiative to establish cooperative relations with a number of domestic and foreign financial enterprises and companies, and won the trust and praise of many customers with high-quality translation services, so as to become their long-term service translation company.

  Financial translation mainly involves the translation of business contracts, technical exchanges, cooperation agreements, regulations and other documents and business interpretation. Financial translation has very high requirements on the professional level and language ability of translators. It mainly includes banking, insurance, trust, securities, fund, financial leasing and other fields.

  Translation of Financial Information

  Translation of financial documents such as business contracts, technical exchanges, cooperation agreements and rules and regulations

  Financial Interpretation Service:

  The financial interpretation services of Yayan Translation Company cover more than 20 languages, such as English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian, etc. The interpreters have many experience in financial field of accompanying interpretation, business interpretation, consecutive interpretation, bilingual hosting, conference simultaneous interpretation. We are not only translators, doers, but also theoretical researchers. We conduct systematic research on financial translation, summarize experience from financial translation practice, and have made certain achievements, so that we can do better and more efficient.

  Financial translation quotation:

  Yayan Translation Company firmly maintains the benign development of the industry and opposes the vicious competition of low price and low quality. The company is committed to providing high quality and efficient financial translation services to its clients through a high standard of translation quality. (Please consult online customer service for quotation of Yisheng Translation Company)

  1. Nowadays, banks, insurance companies, trust and investment companies, securities companies, financial companies and credit cooperatives, financial leasing companies and securities, gold and silver, foreign exchange and so on are engaged in financial activities of the institutions, then, the specific content of financial translation can be roughly divided into three parts.

  A, general financial in the field of translation, including the absorption and pay the deposit translation, trust, have a loan and recycling of translation, the translation of gold and silver, and currency issuance and withdrawal of translation, the issue of securities, insurance and transfer of translation translation, the translation of the sale and purchase of foreign exchange, international financial translation, the translation of international currency settlement and so on.

  2. Provide translation services for insurance companies, securities companies, credit cooperatives, trust and investment companies, financial leasing companies and other institutions engaged in financial activities.

  3. Translation in the informal financial field, translation of loans between enterprises, loan translation of Silverback (middleman), translation of Union, translation of pawn, translation of chamber of commerce financing, translation of private funds, translation of banks, translation of personal loans, translation of trade financing, etc.

  4. In addition, financial translation also includes the translation of annual reports, banking and finance, funds, investment and other fields.

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