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About ARTLANGS >News >What qualities do excellent conference interpreters have?

What qualities do excellent conference interpreters have?

Since the epidemic, the international trade situation has been very serious. After such a long period of effective control, the epidemic situation in most countries has been controlled. Artlangs Translation Company believes that international trade will soon return to the scene of prosperity in the past. In the frequent exchange of international trade, the convening of international conferences has become sparse and common. However, due to language differences, translators are often required to convey in the conference. Today, Artlangs Translator will simply talk about what qualities excellent conference interpreters need to have.

First of all, excellent conference interpreters need good physical quality. Generally speaking, an international conference needs about three translators to complete, because the conference interpretation work causes great mental pressure. It requires translators to maintain a high degree of attention, and also to organize the source language heard in a short time, and clearly and smoothly repeat it to the listener. This has a great test on physical quality. If the physical quality is slightly poor, it is estimated that it is difficult to persist.

Secondly, excellent conference interpreters need excellent psychological quality. Compared with other types of translation, conference interpretation has a high degree of difficulty. In addition to good foreign language skills, translation skills and expression ability, it must also have a good psychological quality. In case of emergencies, it can quickly adjust itself. In the process of the conference, it must be not tense, and be good at taking the overall situation into consideration.

Moreover, excellent conference interpreters need to have rich knowledge reserves and professional knowledge background. The translation industry is different from other industries in that it attaches great importance to practical experience. Sometimes the translators themselves are excellent, but when they do tasks in unfamiliar fields, they will also make translation mistakes. Therefore, to be competent in conference interpretation tasks, not only should they have professional knowledge background and rich practical experience, but also should carry out knowledge storage, enrich their professional vocabulary, and understand the cultural customs behind different languages, Slang and slang should be understood accordingly, so as to be handy.

Finally, excellent conference interpreters need to have certain social cognition. Generally, in large meetings, guests with different views will always be met. Due to different positions, different angles and different interests, it is necessary for conference interpreters to have a very clear thinking orientation, find the key suitable for the harmonious communication between the two sides in the transformation of language logic, and avoid creating an embarrassing atmosphere.

These are the qualities that Artlangs Translation Company believes an excellent conference interpreter should have. Here, Artlangs Translation Company wants to emphasize that only professional and regular translation companies are more likely to cultivate excellent translators. Therefore, when choosing cooperation, we must first open our eyes and choose the most suitable translation company.

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