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How to choose the right translation service provider?

If your business is looking for a translation service provider, here are some suggestions from Artlangs Translation:

1. See if the customer service staff of the other party is professional

Many customers call for consultation and immediately ask: "What is the price of your translation"? At this time, Artlangs's customer service staff will insist on using the "Specifications" formulated by the company to guide customers to describe their translation needs first, and then match suitable products according to their needs. and solutions. Consultation and proposal-based customer service models can effectively solve customers' language problems.

You should give up those translation companies that give you a fixed price without asking anything as soon as you answer the phone. A translation company that cannot provide professional solutions according to specific translation needs must not be an excellent translation service provider.

2. Rationally look at the quotations of various translation companies

We can simply use the translation project as an example to analyze the cost of translation services: the first is the direct production cost, excellent translators and reviewers are rare, and now there are people all over the world who claim to be very good in English, including many professional level 8, but There are very few people who can translate well. The second is project management and operating costs: excellent project management and customer service personnel are also essential for professional translation services. They can accurately grasp the needs of customers and implement standardized project processes, so they can control their language, communication and project control. and software use ability have higher requirements.

In addition, other aspects of the production process will incur corresponding costs if they are executed without compromise, such as typesetting, engineering processing of documents, etc. Therefore, professional translation services must have reasonable quotations. If the low price is obtained through the translation company cutting corners and reducing the process, it will ultimately damage the client's own interests.

3. Is there any way to save money? The answer is: yes!

Translation companies should provide suitable solutions according to customers' translation needs and document usage, not the more expensive the better. Some manuscripts are only for the purpose of understanding, so there is no need to use full-process and high-level translators to serve, and even after communicating with customers, machine translation and post-editing can be used to reduce costs reasonably.

Secondly, the use of CAT translation memory tools and corpora by translation companies during the project process can help customers reduce costs. Through the comparison of the document to be translated and the corpus, the repetitive parts can reduce the workload. Of course, in order to allow customers to obtain this part of the dividend, translation service providers need to do additional project management work: engineering processing required when files are imported into translation memory tools, term extraction, typesetting of exported files, etc., which will incur some costs.

Therefore, the style of Artlangs Translation is to offer transparent quotations, menu-type quotations, and insist on using full-process and high-level translator services for high-end translation needs, without reducing the price and reducing the process to win customers; but in the process of customer service, certain It is necessary to accurately grasp the translation needs of customers, stand in the perspective of customers, save costs in the clear, and serve customers with the most cost-effective solutions.

4. How to view the construction period

The workload of a translator is generally about 2000-3000 original words per day, and a proofreader is generally about 5000-6000 original words per day, as well as time for project management and engineering typesetting. If you want to shorten the construction period, you must increase the manpower. A very important part of Artlangs's Specifications is to weigh the relationship between construction period, price and quality according to the needs of different projects, and communicate frankly with customers before the project starts.

Like saving money, saving time can only be achieved by improving the level of project management and rational use of tools. Through tool deduplication, online translator multi-person collaborative CAT platform sharing corpus and translation review synchronization, etc., the construction period is reasonably shortened on the premise of ensuring quality. The ability and speed of delivery of large projects is a very critical criterion for measuring the technical and management level of a translation service provider.

5. Be rational about the translation company’s website and test draft

It’s better to try a hundred times. No matter how garish the content of the translation company’s website is, as long as you contact their customer service staff to see how they offer quotations and proposals, and look at their test drafts, you can have a relatively correct opinion about them. awareness. Of course, the sales of many translation companies will use the best translators when making test drafts for the sake of performance. Watch out for screening!

The practice of Artlangs Translation is that all services are transparent. The real-name system for translators is used when quoting and testing drafts. After that, the real-name system is still used in the actual operation of the project. Feedback with the aim of securing one of the best translation teams serving each long-term client, enabling outsourcing with complete peace of mind.

6. If the translation is not ideal, please provide a quality report and negotiate a solution. Don’t be a “overlord” and grow together

Some clients will unilaterally give a discount or even a chargeback plan when they find that the manuscript is not ideal. This is an irresponsible short-term behavior. This bully approach will only make you run forever between one translation provider and another, and you will never be able to find a trusted translation service partner who can cooperate with you for a long time. If there is a quality dispute, remedies including discounts can be discussed, but a specific description of the quality issue is required.

Artlangs Translation has its own translation quality standard documents. In addition to some textual conventions, there are also practical qualitative and quantitative regulations in the quality standard, such as the regulations on the qualitative and error rate of errors. Some of them need to be negotiated with customers before the project starts. Decide. Excellent translation service providers also need to be cultivated and supported. Laissez-faire and rudeness will ultimately harm the interests of clients themselves.

7. Don’t treat translation as a turnkey project

Translation service is a process that requires a high degree of interaction. As a Requester, you play an important role in the entire project, confirming the Specifications of translation production before the project; communicating the project duration and progress; confirming and answering questions about terminology and translation in the project ; Confirm and feedback the quality after the project, urge suppliers to take rectification measures, etc.

It is almost impossible for a new translation service provider to ask him to be perfect for the first draft, because the understanding of the company's products and culture, as well as the accumulation of terms, requires a process. The key is whether the provider can perform well through interaction and running-in. It is getting better and better, and there are no long-term measures to maintain a stable translation service quality! Translation outsourcing does not mean leaving it alone. It is important to give suppliers the necessary management, supervision and support, especially in the early stages of cooperation.

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