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About ARTLANGS >News >What are the factors that affect the price of translation services?

What are the factors that affect the price of translation services?

In the opinion of Artlangs Translation Company, no matter what industry it is, price is an important reference factor for people to choose. Take the translation industry as an example, the number of translation companies registered in China has exceeded 3,000. Facing so many translation companies , Many people have a dilemma when choosing a translation company. Although everyone knows that the price is low, the quality may not pass the test, but the price is too high and it is not very cost-effective. Today, Artlangs Translation Company will tell you what factors will affect the price of translation services.

First of all, the market's non-uniformity of translation charging standards has an impact on the price of translation services. Compared with western countries, China's translation industry started late, so there are many imperfections in the industry, even as small as the billing standard. Some translation companies are based on the number of words, some translation companies are based on characters, some translation companies The word count of the source document counts the price, and some are counted according to the word count of the target document, so the quotation of the same document in different translation companies may be different.

Although the state has promulgated the "People's Republic of China National Standard Translation Service Specification". However, there is no clear regulation on the industry's charging standards, but only some suggested standards for prices in the form of suggestions. Therefore, due to the consideration of various self-interests such as profit, the translation industry cannot reach a unified standard on the charging standard.

Secondly, compared with other industries, the entry threshold of the translation industry is lower, which has caused many translation companies to actually act as "middlemen". When they undertake a project, as long as the recovered profit is greater than the cost, they will not hesitate to take the project at a low price. This phenomenon is even more reflected in some small translation companies or translation studios.

For them, in the fierce market competition, price war is the best means and tactics. However, most domestic consumers have limited awareness of the translation industry. They think that as long as they know foreign languages, they can translate. It is this perception that has caused the price of the translation industry to never increase, which makes many small companies and teams continue to reduce prices to attract customers, resulting in a vicious circle.

Finally, the quality and ability of the translators of the translation company have a great influence on the translation price. Generally speaking, if a regular translation company will conduct a classification and overall planning for internal translators, for example, some translators are just entering the industry, while some translators have more than ten years or even decades of translation experience, then the experienced translators will be charged. Naturally, it will be higher than that of less experienced translators; some translators are local translators in China, while some translators are overseas native language translators, and overseas native language translators are naturally charged more than domestic translators, because the quality of their translations is in line with their native language standards. In this regard, experienced consumers can easily tell the difference.

The above are the relevant factors about the price range of translation services. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. In general, if you want to change the status quo, you need the joint efforts of translation companies and customers. As customers, you should increase your awareness of translation companies. , as a translation company, we should strive to improve our translation level and service level. Of course, we also hope that relevant departments can formulate corresponding restrictive measures as soon as possible.

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