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Contract and agreement translation company quotation

  Now, the awareness of rights protection of many citizens is constantly improving, and it is possible to use them for contract agreements on various occasions anytime, anywhere. A contract refers to a written contract signed by two or more parties in order to protect their legal rights and interests in social life. A contract is a type of contract document. It is a legally effective and recorded application signed by both parties (or multiple parties) in order to resolve or prevent disputes, or establish a certain legal relationship, and realize certain common interests and desires to reach consensus.

  There are more and more frequent exchanges at home and abroad. In these international business activities, due to language barriers, many documents need to be translated. For example, our most common contract agreement. A contract agreement is a legally binding document. A small mistake may harm the parties and cause legal disputes. Therefore, the translation of contracts and contracts is very important.

  When translating the contract agreement, you must be faithful to the original text and fully express the content of the original text. Do not arbitrarily delete or distort deviations. Strive for popular language, correct literature and science, strictness, clear organization, and no blunt ambiguity. According to this requirement, in order to implement and translate accurately and not understand ambiguity, the meaning of important terms in the contract must be defined and fully explained so as to avoid future disagreements.

  Artlangs Translation (parent company CCJK) holds the top qualifications in the industry such as the dual certification of the Chinese Translation Association and the American Translation Association, ISO9001, ISO17100 quality system certification, etc.

  The company has 11,219 top-level native-speaking translators from almost all regions of the world, and the number is still growing. It can provide more than 300 language services worldwide. The company's translator team has undergone rigorous assessments, and all the in-service translators hold CATTI/NAATI And other professional translation certificates to ensure accurate and high-quality full-process language services for users and industries in different countries and regions.

  Artlangs Translation's products and business services include: translation services, interpretation services, language localization, film and television cultural translation, and translation technology solutions.

  The fields involved include: finance, law and contracts, games, AI technology, film and television culture and entertainment, retail, marketing, advertising literature, medicine, information technology, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, automobiles, construction, patents, home appliances, communications, tourism , Hotel management, manufacturing, history and archaeology, literature and art, beauty and cosmetics, education and online learning, human resources, energy and chemical industry and environment.

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