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Energy Translation - Energy translation company - Energy data translation Company

  Energy is a resource that can provide energy. Energy here usually refers to heat energy, electric energy, light energy, mechanical energy, chemical energy and so on. Energy can be roughly divided into three categories according to its source: energy from the sun. Both direct and indirect energy from the sun. The earth's own energy is buried in the earth's interior geothermal energy, such as underground hot water, underground steam, dry hot rocks. Another is the nuclear energy in the nuclear fuel such as uranium and plutonium contained in the earth's crust. Energy produced by celestial bodies such as the moon and sun on the gravity of the Earth, such as tidal energy.

  There are various kinds of energy sources. Through continuous development and research, more new energy sources have been able to meet human needs. Energy can also be divided into different types, depending on how they are distinguished. According to the classification of energy characteristics, there are fuel type energy and non-fuel type energy. Man's use of energy sources other than his own began with fire. The earliest fuel was wood, and later coal, oil, natural gas, peat and other fossil fuels were used. New energy sources such as solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy and tidal energy are being researched. Fossil fuel consumption is high, and the earth has limited reserves of this fuel. Uranium and needles will provide most of the world's energy needs in the future. Once the technical problem of controlling fusion is solved, humanity will have virtually unlimited energy.

  Our country has a large energy reserve, but also need to import from abroad, so there is a very wide exchange of energy trade with foreign countries. In particular, as China becomes a superpower, its trade with other countries and China will further increase. This means that the market is increasingly demanding energy translation. This means that the success of translation largely determines the success of trade.

  Our clients cover a wide range of industries, including biomedical, chemical, medical, mechanical and electrical, automotive, aviation, shipping, fashion, construction, law, IT, finance, etc. The company has become a translation service provider for nearly 100 fortune 500 enterprises.

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