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What principles should be followed when doing scientific translation?

Today, with the increasingly frequent exchanges between China and foreign countries, scientific and technological cooperation has also become more frequent, and the demand for interpretation and translation of scientific and technological languages has naturally increased. We know that scientific and technological languages are highly professional, with relatively rare and abstruse vocabulary. In addition, scientific and technological translation pays special attention to preciseness and accuracy, which makes scientific and technological translation very difficult and has the lowest tolerance for errors, Today, Artlangs Translation Company will briefly talk about the principles to be followed in scientific and technological translation.

First of all, Artlangs Translation Company classifies scientific and technological translation into three categories: theoretical document translation, production-application document translation and scientific popularization document translation. The theoretical document is solemn and rigorous, with complete language structure and strong logic, while the production-application document is concise in language, rigorous in structure, objective in description, and taboo in embellishment. As for scientific popularization document, Because its service object is the public, it has both scientific and literary nature. It uses literary techniques to describe dull scientific knowledge vividly to attract readers.

Secondly, scientific and technological translation should follow the clear and unified principle. As mentioned above, scientific language has a very obvious uniqueness. In the process of translation, we must pay attention to the clarity and unity of scientific terms. In the process of translation, the expression of the same professional word must be consistent before and after, otherwise it will cause the style to be not rigorous.

Moreover, we should pay attention to the systematicness and conciseness of technical terms when doing scientific translation. Scientific and technological language often involves obscure and difficult words, and there are many kinds of scientific and technological terms, so its terminology base is very large. In the process of translation, it is necessary to ensure the systematic nature of scientific and technological terms and try to express them concisely.

Finally, we need to follow the principle of preciseness and accuracy when doing scientific translation. We know that the primary element of translation is faithfulness to the original text, especially in scientific and technological translation. In the process of translation, the original text must be clearly and intuitively expressed. In addition, scientific and technological style has strong logic, so special attention should be paid in translation.

The above is the introduction of Artlangs Translation Company on scientific and technological translation. In the view of Artlangs Translation Company, the translation of scientific and technological documents requires a high comprehensive level of translators, not only systematic grammar knowledge and excellent language skills, but also a highly responsible attitude and good professional ability. Therefore, when selecting a scientific and technological translation service provider, it is necessary to select a formal and professional translation company, so as to ensure the quality of scientific and technological translation.

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