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Chinese Language Overview

Chinese, the language of the Chinese nation, is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It consists of spoken and written forms, with Modern Standard Chinese as the norm. Modern Chinese has two writing systems: Traditional Chinese characters and Simplified Chinese characters. Chinese characters are unique, possessing distinctive semantic and phonetic functions, and are widely used worldwide.

Chinese is not only the official language of China but also a globally recognized language. It circulates primarily in Chinese communities in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Myanmar, Thailand, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. The writing system of Chinese is based on Chinese characters, an ideographic script that records the rich history and culture of the Chinese nation.

Learning Chinese allows one to understand Chinese history and culture while laying a solid foundation for future career development and international communication. Mastering Chinese not only broadens one's horizons and enhances interpersonal relationships and cultural exchanges but also fosters comprehensive skills in a globalized context.

Chinese Translation Services

We provide professional Chinese translation services, using Standard Chinese of the People's Republic of China as the official common language. We have in-depth knowledge of Chinese culture and language, ensuring accurate, smooth, and natural translation services for our clients. We cover various language pairs, including English, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Filipino, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Hausa, Italian, Armenian, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Hindi, Icelandic, Malay, and other mainstream or rare languages, offering translations across business, legal, medical, scientific, cultural, tourism, and other fields. Whether you need simple document translation or professional interpreting and translation services, we will win your trust with convenient, efficient, and high-quality services. Our Chinese translation services provide better support and assurance for your international communication and business cooperation.

Chinese Translation Service Offerings:

I. Written Translation Services:

1. Document Translation

We translate medical documents (drug instructions, clinical reports, registration data, instrument manuals), gaming documents (localization translation, operation guides, promotional materials), business documents (contracts, product introductions, tenders, financial statements), technical documents (user manuals, maintenance instructions, engineering drawings), etc.

2. DTP Professional Formatting 

We support document format conversions (PDF, Word, PPT, CDR, Excel, AI, CAD), manual typesetting (instruction manuals, brochures, product catalogs), image localization (advertisements, banners, illustrations, posters), and various image, scanned document, and photo text entry services.

3. Localization Translation

We provide website localization, software localization, and program localization translation services for different industry attributes.

4. Multimedia Translation

We transcribe various multimedia audio files (conference records, e-learning materials, audio-video transcription, video transcription), and provide mother tongue dubbing, dialect dubbing, subtitle transcription, subtitle voice-over, subtitle production, and subtitle translation services.

II. Interpretation Services:

We support simultaneous interpretation, and consecutive interpretation for various international business conferences, high-end research conferences, etc.; we also provide on-site exhibition escort interpretation, technical exchange escort interpretation, as well as foreign affairs reception, tourism occasions accompanying interpretation, including video telephone interpretation, remote video interpretation, etc.

III. Multilingual Big Data Services

We support various data collection such as speech, images, 3D data, video, text, etc.; we also support data transcription, semantic annotation, image/text quality assessment, etc.; we provide various speech recognition and synthesis services such as speech transcription, speech wake-up, speech evaluation, online/offline speech synthesis, as well as machine translation, language recognition, and other natural language processing services.