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Academic Transcripts Translation Services

For high school and university admissions, certified translations of academic transcripts are a requisite. At Artlangs, we enhance transcripts with greater vividness and clarity, employing precise translations to illustrate the performance in each subject and authentically represent the student's capabilities.

Artlangs boasts credentials for transcript translation, earning widespread acclaim due to many years of specialized experience and excellent reputation. Our highly-trained translation team is committed to delivering precise and efficient translation services to our clients. We uphold quality management practices, subjecting every translation to stringent proofreading processes to ensure accuracy and professionalism. Our selection process ensures that both the educational background and translation prowess of our team members meet rigorous standards, guaranteeing high service quality. Furthermore, we provide robust after-sales support to ensure a better user experience.

Advantages of Artlangs Transcript Translation

1. Precision

Our professional translation team is proficient in technical skills and familiar with various education systems and transcript formats from different countries, ensuring precise translation of the original content into the target language and maintaining error-free transcript translations.

2. Legitimacy

The translation company can provide professional official translation certification, validating the translated transcript as an official document acceptable for various purposes such as study abroad, immigration and visa applications.

3. Timeliness

With professional editing and proofreading teams, we deliver high-quality transcript translations within stipulated timelines and offer expedited services to meet urgent requirements.

4. Confidentiality

We prioritize privacy protection, pledging to safeguard customer's personal information and document security. We strictly control the circulation of documents to prevent any unauthorized disclosure of transcript information.