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Medical Records Translation Services

When seeking medical treatment abroad, you may need to translate all or part of your medical records for a new healthcare provider. It's crucial to have your medical records translated accurately and promptly, which is why you should choose a reliable and professional translation company. Artlangs has extensive experience in medical translation, with our team successfully translating tens of thousands of medical records in over 230 languages.

What are the considerations for medical record translation?

1. Precision

Medical terms and descriptions of conditions must be translated accurately to ensure the precise conveyance of medical information and to avoid any errors that could impact medical decisions.

2. Confidentiality

As medical records contain sensitive patient information, translators or translation agencies must adhere to strict privacy protection and confidentiality principles to ensure the security of patient information.

3. Professional Qualifications

Select translators with professional qualifications in medical translation and a background in medicine to ensure the translation's professionalism and compliance with industry standards.

4. Consistent Terminology

Maintain consistency in professional terminology, avoid using synonyms that may cause confusion, and ensure the translation's consistency and clarity within the medical field.

5. Certification and Seal

Translated documents may require official certification or a translation company's seal to demonstrate their formality and legality, especially for legal and official purposes.

Why choose Artlangs for medical record translation?

1. Artlangs strictly adheres to confidentiality agreements, ensuring the security of all patient-sensitive information and compliance with relevant privacy protection regulations.

2. The provided translations include official certification or professional seals, which are crucial for legal and official purposes.

3. Artlangs is committed to providing high-quality translation services, including precise terminology usage and clear descriptions of medical conditions.

4. We offer excellent customer service, including timely responses to customer needs, professional consultation and after-sales service.

5. Artlangs has extensive experience in medical record translation, understanding the varied medical translation requirements of different countries and regions.

7. Artlangs has an acclaimed reputation in the industry for delivering reliable and accurate translations.

8. We provide customized translation services tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

9. We offer services of great cost-effectiveness, combining professional translation quality with reasonable service fees.