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Handbook Translation Services

Any company with multilingual staff wishes to translate its employee handbook into appropriate languages to ensure workplace safety and efficiency. Typically, you require standard translation for such documents. Our team at Artlangs has successfully translated tens of thousands of handbooks, supporting translation in 230 languages.

Why is handbook translation so important?

1. Professional Qualifications

Artlangs possesses professional translation qualifications and certifications, ensuring translation quality and accuracy.

2. Industry Experience

Artlangs has extensive experience in specific industries, accurately understanding and translating professional terminology and concepts.

3. Native Language Translation

Artlangs has a team of translators whose native language is the target language, providing natural and fluent translations

4. Cultural Adaptation

Artlangs has an in-depth understanding of the target culture, enabling cultural adaptability in translation to avoid cultural misunderstandings.

5. Customized Services

Artlangs offers customized translation services tailored to the client's specific needs and budget.

6. Confidentiality Measures

Artlangs implements strict confidentiality measures to protect clients' sensitive information.

7. Quality Assurance

Artlangs has a rigorous quality control process to ensure translation accuracy and consistency.

8. Customer Service

Artlangs provides excellent customer service, including project management, communication coordination and after-sales support.

What are the pricing standards for handbook translation?

1. Translation service quotes often depend on the word count or page count of the handbook. Some companies may charge per thousand characters or per page.

2. The cost of translation into different languages may vary. Certain languages may require specific expertise, impacting costs.

3. If the handbook contains specialized terminology or content from a specific field, translators with specialized knowledge may be needed, which might increase costs.

4. Expedited translation services usually incur additional fees.

5. High-quality translations, such as publishing-grade translations, may require more thorough proofreading and editing, resulting in higher costs.

6. Tasks like formatting, graphic localization, multimedia processing, etc., may add extra charges.

7. Senior translators or those with specific qualifications may charge higher fees.