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Business License Translation Services

Are you in need of a certified translation of your business license for international business contracts, legal proceedings, U.S. immigration (accepted by USCIS), or other official purposes requiring verification of business validity? Artlangs has successfully translated tens of thousands of business licenses, supporting over 230 languages.

What are the considerations for business license translation?

1. Precision

Ensure critical details such as company name, registered capital, legal representative, business scope, registered address, etc., are translated accurately to avoid any potential misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

2. Professional Terminology

Utilize appropriate professional terminology, particularly in legal and business contexts, to maintain consistency with the legal and business practices of the target language.

3. Format and Layout

Maintain the format and layout of the translated document consistent with the original, including information like uniform social credit codes, QR codes and company seals for easy verification and comparison.

4. Certification and Seals

The translated document should be certified and stamped with the professional seal of the translation company or translator to validate the formality and legality of the translation.

Why choose Artlangs for business license translation?

1. Artlangs holds professional translation qualifications, offering services that align with legal and business requirements.

2. Professional translation services ensure precise translation of all crucial information from the business license, including the company name, registered capital and business scope.

3. Artlangs guarantees the use of correct legal and business terminology, avoiding ambiguity and enhancing the professionalism and credibility of the translated document.

4. Translated documents from Artlangs are certified and bear professional seals, meeting rigorous standards for official use.

5. Professional translation companies adhere strictly to confidentiality agreements, safeguarding clients' business data and personal information.

6. Artlangs boasts an experienced translation team, familiar with various business license translation requirements.

7. Artlangs offers premium customer service, including consultation, prompt responses and ongoing support.

8. Artlangs industry reputation and credibility are significant factors in considering their services.

9. Artlangs provides one-stop services from translation to certification, saving clients time and effort.

10. Professional services typically come with reasonable pricing, and Artlangs will offer cost-effectiveness services