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How to choose a translation standard?

Artlangs's reading level is much higher than the industry average. For functional documents, such as resumes, competitions, speeches, further studies, and papers, we recommend using Expert or Master.

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied with the translation?

We will refund when the translation does not meet the standard of the translation. After the translation is completed, users can rate the translation within 48 hours. If you are not satisfied with the translation, you can explain the reasons for your dissatisfaction with the translation, and Artlangs will make a judgment. If we think the translation does not meet the quality standard of Artlangs, you will receive a full refund.

How to apply for amendment?

Within 14 days after the translation is completed, if there are defects and objective problems in the translation, you can apply for revision of the completed project on the personal interface or directly contact the online customer service

What are the different standards for translation services?

Different translation standards have different tolerances for errors. Artlangs has strict requirements on translators' wording, grammar, expression, accuracy and error rate. The flexibility to choose different standards can meet the needs of various scenarios.

What types do we not support?…

Artlangs does not endorse text or materials that refer to important safety, as errors in such text may result in risk to human life or significant loss. If you submit content that is not supported by Artlangs, the project may not be matched to the translator, and Artlangs will not bear any legal responsibility arising therefrom or related. Check out our Legal Terms and Conditions for more information.

Whether the translation can be stamped and provide corresponding translation qualifications

There are standard translations can provide the corresponding stamp certificate. Translations can also be mailed to users in paper form to meet notarization needs in various situations.

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