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Software industry translation-software type document translation

  Software Industry Translation-The definition of software in software and national standards refers to computer programs, regulations, rules, and possible files, documents and data related to the operation of computer systems. According to the application scope classification, software is generally divided into system software, APP software and middleware between them. If the development language is used as the description language, it can be considered that software = program data document knowledge.

  Software industry translation. Software development refers to the process of constructing a software system or the software part of the system according to the requirements of users. Software development is a system engineering that includes requirements capture, requirements analysis, design, implementation, and testing. Software is generally implemented in a certain programming language. You can usually use software development tools for development. The general process of software design ideas and methods. It includes designing software functions and implementation algorithms and methods, software overall structure design and module design, programming and debugging, program coordination testing, program writing and submission, etc.

  Software industry translation-With the increase in the demand for translation in the professional software industry, the requirements for not only language fluency, but also professionalism and terminology accuracy in translation work. In order to ensure the professionalism and accuracy of translation in the software industry, Professional translation companies require customers to develop a timely, accurate, and standardized translation server software industry with each passing day, knowledge update extremely fast, and a large number of new terms will be generated every once in a while. Therefore, translators must always keep pace with the times, pay attention to the timeliness of translation, always grasp the latest knowledge, and better complete translation tasks.

  Artlangs Translation (parent company CCJK) holds the top qualifications in the industry such as the dual certification of the Chinese Translation Association, the American Translation Association, ISO9001, ISO17100 quality system certification, etc.

  The company has 11,219 top-level native language translators from almost all regions of the world, and the number is still growing. It can provide more than 300 language services worldwide. The company's translator team has undergone rigorous assessments, and all the in-service translators hold CATTI/NAATI And other professional translation certificates to ensure accurate and high-quality full-process language services for users and industries in different countries and regions.

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