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Electronic manual translation-manual translation-electronic manual translation company

  Electronic manual translation-electronic certificate is an online product information display system. Electronic manuals solve the problems of traditional paper manuals that are high in cost, difficult to change, and iterative. It also conforms to the trend of the times and solves the problems of high costs for companies to gather customers and inaccurate marketing of new products. Consumers can clearly know whether the product they buy is genuine or second-hand by attaching it to the product or looking at the product description on the packaging box. There is an anti-counterfeiting code on the manual. The original intention of the electronic manual is to improve the sunk cost of the company's product manuals, turning the paper manuals originally lying on the packaging boxes into a window for the company to communicate with users.

  Electronic manual translation-With the rise of information technology, more and more electronic information technology products emerge in endlessly and enter thousands of households. With the increasing frequency of domestic and foreign cooperation and exchanges, many domestic companies’ technical products are exported abroad, and foreign advanced products are also introduced to the country. In this process of "going out and introducing, if language differences are the biggest obstacle, the translation of instructions is also an important part.

  Electronic manual translation-When translating electronic manuals, it is necessary to ensure the correctness. The production of the electronic manual is to guide users to use it correctly, so its information must be scientific and accurate. In the translation process, the content of the electronic manual should be faithfully translated, the implicit meaning of the original text should be clarified, and ambiguity should be eliminated. Some professional terms, fixed terms and custom expressions must be accurate and authentic.

  Electronic Manual Translation-Artlangs Translation Company has been adhering to the principle of excellence and has always been in a state of steady development. We took the lead in the industry to pass the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, and won the membership of the Chinese Translators Association and the American Translators Association. We strictly implement the quality control system, standardize business processes and audit standards, and build a systematic, professional and experienced translation team. An excellent translation team has forged our high-quality translation quality.

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