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Contract document localization service-contract document translation-contract document translation

  Contract document localization service-the wishes of both parties represent the agreed contract. Simply put, it is your mood. Then, we fixed that everyone agreed and made it clear. Then, the matter we reached is an agreement. It is called a contract in law. Generally speaking, a valid contract and an agreement have the same legal effect. Unless effective or invalid under certain conditions. For example, if one of the parties to the contract or agreement is a 7-year-old child, that kind of contract has no effect.

  Contract document localization service-contracts or agreements are generally only different in name and name. . As long as it does not violate laws and morals, the parties can arbitrarily agree on the name, content, and form of the contract or agreement, which is effective. There is a difference between contract and contract. A contract refers to a civil legal act based on mutually opposing intentions expressed by both parties, such as a sales contract. A contract is a civil legal act in which two parties or more than three parties express the intent of parallel directions, such as a cooperation contract. my country's current laws no longer make this distinction, and the two are collectively referred to as contracts.

  Contract document localization service-contract translation generally refers to the translation of contracts, clauses, agreements, etc. in international trade. To translate international trade contracts, in addition to a good foundation in foreign languages ​​and Chinese, and a certain translation ability, it also requires relevant professional knowledge of the contract itself and knowledge of international trade and law. When translating from Chinese to English, only use relevant professional terms, business, and legal terms, use more formal and solemn language, and try to use common contractual clauses and professional sentence patterns, so that the translation can meet the terminology specification and show rigor and precision. , The effect of concise and solemn body.

  Contract document localization service-Artlangs Translation Company serves clients covering many industries, including biomedicine, chemical industry, medicine, electromechanical, automobile, aviation, shipping, fashion, construction, law, IT, finance, etc.; the company has become nearly one hundred Translation service provider for Fortune 500 companies.

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