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Biological Translation Company

  Humans live with other creatures in this beautiful house in the biosphere. The biosphere includes the bottom of the atmosphere, most of the water rights, and the surface of the lithosphere. The biosphere is the largest ecosystem, including forest ecosystems, freshwater ecosystems, wetland ecosystems, marine ecosystems, urban ecosystems, farmland ecosystems, etc.

  Biology is the science with the most development potential and vision in the 21st century. Whether at home or abroad, the development of biology is a thousand miles a day. The development of Chinese biology is inseparable from exchanges with foreign colleagues. In this process, biological translation has increasingly highlighted its importance. Biological translation belongs to the category of technical translation. Simply put, there are the following basic requirements for translators. The biological industry is a highly specialized industry with a complete system of professional terminology. Therefore, translators must have an in-depth understanding of the biology industry and a deeper understanding of the professional terms related to biology in order to translate into a professional, accurate, and standardized language.

  Biological type translation does not need to have beautiful intonation, rigorous language, concise text, rigorous logic, and avoid using vague or wrong words. Otherwise, some translation errors will cause great losses to customers. At present, the biological industry still occupies a leading position in theories and technologies from foreign countries. Therefore, whether it is the introduction of foreign biological theories and technologies, or the introduction of domestic biological research, biological translation must attach importance to internationalization, and keep pace with international standards.

  Artlangs Translation Company is a well-known translation and simultaneous interpretation supplier in China. It was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, with branch offices in Beijing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Changsha, Pakistan, etc. Since its establishment, Artlangs Translation Company has been committed to providing competitive translation services for domestic and foreign enterprises, institutions and consumers, enhancing customer image and creating greater value for customers. In the past 20 years, our services have spread to more than 30 regions and have helped global customers and partners succeed. The clients we serve cover many industries, including biomedicine, chemical, medical, electromechanical, automotive, aviation, shipping, fashion, construction, law, IT, finance, etc.; the company has become a translation service provider for nearly 100 world-renowned companies .

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