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Translation of critical illness notice

  The critical illness notification is issued by the hospital. It is a specific notification of critical illness issued to the family members if the patient's condition has deteriorated and may be life-threatening. At the stage when the legal system is becoming more and more detailed and standardized, the hospital’s correction of cases is to pursue legal responsibility, and be punished with a warning or order to suspend practice activities for more than 6 months and less than 1 year. If the circumstances are serious, the practice certificate shall be cancelled, which constitutes a crime. Investigate criminal responsibility in accordance with the law.

  Friends looking for information about going abroad may know that if you want to go abroad to see a doctor, you must submit medical records before you can make an appointment. Because foreign medical systems like the United States are not exactly the same as China's. There is a relative competitive relationship between hospitals and hospitals. In China, doctors also have more personal interests than doctors in public hospitals. Therefore, foreign doctors usually judge the patient's condition by observing British cases. Evaluate whether the hospital’s medical equipment and artistic methods can treat patients. Otherwise, foreign doctors recommend transferring the patient to another hospital or seeking help from other doctors.

  The content of the translation of hospital documents is also very important, which determines whether the doctor can make a correct diagnosis. For general events, the medical record must clearly state the unpleasantness of the patient. The course of treatment is the type of medication the patient took during the previous treatment. It is best to make a list of medications at a time, including instructions on how often to take a few pills, or to bring a medicine bottle. For history of drug allergy, patients should provide history of drug allergy, surgical records, etc.

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