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About ARTLANGS >News >Which company is better in Portuguese business interpretation?

Which company is better in Portuguese business interpretation?

  Which company is better in Portuguese business interpretation? Portuguese interpretation and translation itself is a kind of highly difficult translation, and Portuguese business interpretation is generally applicable to government affairs, business meetings and other meetings. Portuguese business interpretation is a small language with a high degree of difficulty. The success of interpretation often depends on the member's knowledge accumulation and memory of Portuguese. People's short-term memory capacity varies from person to person, and generally speaking, it is very limited.

  1. Portuguese business interpreters should focus on listening and understanding

  Majority rely too much on notes in the process of translation, interpretation, of course, eyes or complementary notes is memory, but to rely too much on also will affect the overall understanding of interpreting content, members should learn how to catch the key words, timely organization language is the key to the sentence, a structured, logical speech often does not need too many notes, should be the main memory. The content of interpretation notes is not the literal form of information, not dictation, but the carrier needed for understanding, analysis, feeling, digestion, memory and expression.

  2. Portuguese business interpreters should pay attention to logical analysis

  Some people do not think logically when they speak because of their immaturity and lack of logic between utterance. Members of parliament should be good at logical analysis, find out the speaker's adjustment and straighten out the sentence, so as to facilitate coherent content and clear thinking when translating. Of course, notes can be used to record some important information to avoid forgetting the translation at the end of the interpretation.

  3. Portuguese business interpreters should take notes quickly

  The speed of interpreting notes is fast, but it can not be scribbled. It can use the source language or the target language. It depends on the interpreter's personal listening ability, note-taking habit, writing speed, translation ability, as well as the length and complexity of the words he or she remembers.

  Artlangs translation company introduction: correctly use symbols will help the language with the thought of separation, such as common mathematical and physical symbols. +-<=±÷≠≤≥; A symbol representing various contents or ideas, as in? ! OK, and so on. However, the number and type of symbols can not be too much, as it is not easy to remember, but affect the following expression. In principle, the target language should be used for recording, so as to facilitate expression. The target language record is not a translation, but a prototype of expression. It is a hint of information, which can be adjusted and used flexibly by the interpreter.

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