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What is local translation? What is the main application of local translation?

  What is local translation? What is the main application of local translation? What I mean by localization here is not "vernacular" in our spoken language, but the local translation of terms in the translation industry. With the continuous development of the world economy, it is no longer a simple trade between countries, but also an increasingly frequent cultural exchange between countries. With the advent of the Internet, it is also very convenient to understand the culture of different countries. But the biggest barrier between countries is language. This is where the technical term "localization" comes in.

  What is local translation? The so-called localization refers to the process of processing a product according to the needs of a specific country/region or language market and making it suitable for a specific regional market. At present, localization industry mainly focuses on the following three aspects: localization of software, localization of website and localization of media documents. No matter what type of localization, the ultimate purpose is to occupy the local market, so that their enterprises can compete with local enterprises and gain more profits. The real localization should not only consider the potential strength of the target market, but also take into account the language habits, cultural background, ethnic characteristics and so on of the target market. It takes an extremely complex process to assemble what is needed -- a well-prepared approach to the target market. In this series of preparation process, language is indispensable. Only by understanding the language of the target market can we understand its cultural background and ethnic characteristics and other things to be prepared. In order to make these preparations adequate and efficient, we have to need a medium -- local translation.

  What is local translation? What is the main application of local translation? With the development of localization, the translation industry has been promoted. It can be said that the level of translation directly affects the development of localization, so the key to localization lies in translation. Ordinary translation is not enough for the task of localized translation, because localized translation requires translators to know the language habits, cultural background and ethnic characteristics of the target market thoroughly. In the process of localization, only when it conforms to the way of speaking and language habits of local people can it be accepted by local people. Only when it is recognized by local consumers can it form a strong competitiveness, so as to win the market, occupy the market and gain profits from the market. Of course, only with a sufficient understanding of the target market can the language translation be flawless and localization be successfully completed.

  In terms of software localization, the importance of translation is extremely obvious. With the development of the network and the progress of science and technology, the design and development of software is becoming more and more rapid, and the updating speed of software is fast. The demand for software in various fields is also increasing. In this context, the market demand for software localization is increasing, which increases the demand for translation. Generally speaking, translation software is much more difficult than translating ordinary articles. First of all, software localization translation needs a large number of precise professional vocabulary. Secondly, it is necessary to translate the language of the software in a more understandable but scientific and professional way. The key is to match the language habits of the target market. Software skill is a difficult thing to understand, and it is difficult for non-professionals to understand the language hidden in it. If the translated software retains the language habits of the original language, it is difficult not only for consumers to understand, but also for professionals to understand the meaning. Therefore, in the process of software localization, translation needs to understand the frozen transformation of the local language. At the same time, in the process of translation must not appear any error, software is the product of high technology, is not allowed to appear any error, which reflects the key role of translation in software localization.

  In terms of website localization, large websites change almost every day, such as the release of new products, new market activities, news and so on. If the Internet is to attract more users, site localization is essential. At this time the function of translation becomes more and more important. Localization of website translation is to translate the content of the website according to the needs, and convert it into local language habits, and try to conform to the local cultural background and customs. However, site localization also has its more complicated side. For example, with continuous content management, site localization requires strong Web content management to identify, update, and reuse multiple source and target language content. Localization must leverage good content management techniques to ensure an effective Web localization process. It also includes a high quality workflow, requiring an advanced enterprise workflow system dedicated to complex translation management. There is also a need for accurate and rapid translation, and automation of project management, thereby shortening project time. When a website is successfully localized, the success rate of attracting viewers increases by half.

  The localization of film and television and animation translation is to translate one language into another language and record it for dubbing according to the original play, which fully tests the speaking ability of translators. Although many times most of all use their own professional voice actors for the voice, but in some cases, the translation of the professional voice actors is unable to realize the original characters of that kind of feeling, only know the original drama, language translation, to understand the original material of customs and cultural background of the translation by the language can really impress people by the match, To the essence of the performance of incisively and vividly.

  In general, as long as there is communication between countries, there will be translation; as long as there is economic development, there will be localization; as long as there is localization, there will be a stage for translation, because translation is the key to localization and an indispensable part of localization. Yayan professional translation company can provide professional local translation services for the majority of consumers, if there is a need to contact our staff online for detailed understanding.

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