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Professional video translation company _ video translation _ subtitle translation

  As a professional translation company, over the years, the company has been constantly optimizing the translation process, absorbing new professional and senior translators and injecting new vitality into the company. These series of measures have made a great breakthrough for the company, and it is honored as one of the "Top 100 Translation Companies in China". While doing a good job in translation services, Yayan translation company adheres to the service concept of "efficient, professional and value", and constantly improves the ability to realize value for customers, which is deeply trusted and affirmed by the majority of new and old customers.

  Video translation is the translation of audio in one language into audio in another language, is an extension of listening and recording services. Video translation requires the translator to have a complete grasp of the original audio data, so as to fully consider the language environment in the process of listening to and translating, and to express the emotion and body movements of the speaker to the greatest extent in terms of sentences and words. As can be seen from this, video translation is a project with high requirements for comprehensive translation ability. As a senior translation company, Yayan Translation Co., Ltd., whose video translators have rich business experience and high professional translation ability, can fully meet the translation needs of customers, achieve customer satisfaction, and then create corresponding value for customers.

  Video translation services:

  Video translation, video listening translation, subtitle translation, audio recording listening translation, DVD translation with subtitles, film and television translation, English video with Chinese subtitles, Chinese video with English subtitles, foreign language video with Chinese subtitles, Chinese video with foreign subtitles.

  Video translation languages:

  Video Japanese translation, video Korean translation, video German translation, video English translation, video Russian translation.

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