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Professional localization of software translation

  Software localization refers to the corresponding customization of a software or application program according to the needs of local language. Software localization mainly includes translation of text and source code, adjustment of user interface layout, development of local features, production of online documents and printed manuals, and ultimately ensures the normal operation of localized versions of software. As a professional translation company, Ya Yan occupies a high market share in the local translation industry and is the leading brand in the local translation market. It plays an important role in software localization and translation, and has established long-term cooperative relations with well-known software development companies. Over the past 20 years, numerous localized and localized software have been developed.

  Translation is the first task of software localization. Generally speaking, the main content of software localization translation includes three parts:

  1. User interface translation: source language code translation, program installation package translation, image and graphic text translation, database translation, website translation;

  2. Online document translation: PDF document translation, HTMLHelp document translation, software patent translation;

  3. User manual translation: software product manual translation, software user manual translation, software promotional video translation, software introduction video translation, developer's enterprise profile translation;

  Software localization translation languages:

  We can offer the following national language versions of software localization or localization: translation software English translation, German, French translation software, software Russian translation, software, Italian, Spanish translation software, software Portuguese translation, Arabic translation software, software Japanese translation, Korean translation software... And other national software.

  Software localization and localization process:

  According to the company's internal software localization quality management system, Ya Yan formulated the software localization operation process as follows:

  1. Establish a configuration management system to track the source code of each version of the target language.

  2. Create and maintain glossary

  3) Separate resource files from source language code, or extract text that needs to be localized.

  4. Translate the separated or extracted texts and pictures into the target language.

  5. Insert the translated text and pictures into the source code version of the target language again.

  6. Compile the source code of the target language if necessary.

  7. Test the translated software and adjust U to the translated text.

  Test the localized software to make sure the format and content are correct.

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