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About ARTLANGS >News >How to achieve accurate and accurate medical translation?

How to achieve accurate and accurate medical translation?

  Medical translation has become an important bridge in international medical communication, playing a lot of roles in the introduction of advanced medical equipment or medical methods, including the international application of Chinese traditional medicine, all of which cannot be without professional medical translation. A good medical English translation should first of all avoid grammatical errors in the translation process. Only by correct grammar can the meaning of the original text be clearly expressed.

  At present, the living standard of our country has been greatly improved, and the improvement of living conditions has also met people's needs. But there is one issue that is always the most concerned by people. We all know that the body is the most important. No matter how good the living environment and conditions you enjoy are all based on health. Now many incurable diseases is still not to find a good treatment, health care has risen to international exchanges, together seek better treatments, the medical translation is important in the international medical communication bridge, in the introduction of advanced medical equipment or medical methods play a role of a lot of, including the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in the international application in China, these involve professional medical translation.

  1. Understand the standard of medical English translation

  Translation is a language activity that converts one language into another and expresses the same meaning as the original language. Medical English translation is inseparable from the essence of translation, and should adhere to the principle of fidelity and smoothness, so all medical English translations should accurately and completely express the meaning of the original text, without structural chaos.

  2. Pay attention to avoid grammatical mistakes in medical translation

  In order to do a good translation of medical English, we should first avoid grammatical mistakes in the translation process. Only by correct grammar can we express the meaning of the original text clearly. Therefore, medical English translators must have a solid knowledge of grammar. Awoman withchild came to hospital to seek medical help. A pregnant woman with a baby went to the hospital to see a doctor. She was pregnant with a child. She was pregnant with a child.

  3. Learn how to deal with words in medical English translation

  The characteristic of medical English vocabulary is that it is highly professional, the meaning of the word is strictly restricted by the collocation of the word and the context. Therefore, in the process of medical English translation, it is necessary to give reasonable and accurate meanings according to the context and the collocation of words, so as to make the translation smooth and standardized. It can not be understood in accordance with the meaning of ordinary English words, but should be extended according to the meaning of the context. It is impossible to meet each word in medical English translation only contains one meaning, so it is necessary to transform the part of speech.

  4. Master the processing methods of sentence structure in medical English translation

  Medical English translation belongs to scientific translation, which requires that the sentence structure of the translation should be rigorous, the logic should be strong, and the choice of words and sentences should be precise. In addition, because medical articles focus on narrative reasoning and emphasize objectivity, the structure of medical English sentence patterns is mostly complex. Therefore, due to the particularity of root medical English, we can translate the passive structure by adding words or changing words in the active voice, so that the translation is smooth and can not be translated in accordance with the original grammatical structure.

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