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About ARTLANGS >News >German simultaneous interpretation - German simultaneous interpretation fee standard

German simultaneous interpretation - German simultaneous interpretation fee standard

  For simultaneous interpretation is a highly restricted by time difficult language transformation activities, and German to have more to the higher response ability, for simultaneous interpretation is following the user said out after translated into repeat again with another language of language, as for his charge standard, this will be defined according to the translation to the difficulty of the German, The requirements for the quality of employees are defined according to the company. Different companies treat employees differently. The requirements for the quality of employees in Yayan Translation Company are relatively high. Nowadays, there are not many German simultaneous interpretation companies in the market, and simultaneous interpretation is the most difficult form of interpretation. Guaranteing the service quality of simultaneous interpretation is the key to a conference and the key to the success of a conference. Yayan translation company summed up how to choose German translation company.

  1. Whether the German simultaneous translation company is formal and legal

  (1) Nowadays, translation companies must hold three valid certificates in one legal company. It is more appropriate for customers to choose a long-term large-scale simultaneous interpretation and translation company to protect their interests. Whether the translation company is formal and legal, whether it has an office location, can be found in the website of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau and the official website of the company.

  (2) Generally speaking, the business scope registered by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau is translation, and the provision of a special seal for translation, or the registration of professional translation agencies approved by the government, notarization, certification, courts, consulates and other foreign affairs translation has legal effect.

  2. German simultaneous interpreter

  Professional simultaneous interpreters must have excellent communication skills in at least two languages and must have a relevant examination certificate or translation certificate. German simultaneous interpreters must pay attention to the accumulation of language knowledge at ordinary times and continuously accumulate in practice in order to create a German simultaneous interpreters for the conversion of two languages freely.

  In general, a qualified German with each hour wage in thousands to gauge, but generally speaking German is difficult to learn how to speak with the language will have to wait for the cause of this finish before they can know the meaning, it has some limitations for German, simultaneous interpretation, but also needs to have exceptional memory and pass through the strict training to have such a professional skills.

  German interpretation is also a level, the highest level is simultaneous interpretation, beginners can slowly understand more about the skills of German slowly accumulate spoken experience, later in the exam, the higher the level of the interpreter his charge is higher, in different locations work prices are different.

  In some specific occasions, simultaneous transmission also has such a special effect that it can shorten the meeting time by half, reducing the cost of the meeting and the time of the participants. Because of reduced the time with waiters on gushing into audience's ears, and let the audience to better grasp the information, some bad translation similar place is in German language will be difficult, may be could not hear clearly, because they speak too fast, a spokesman for the cannot be easily converted into the language of the audience, also can't let to repeat, a spokesman for the clarification.

  Therefore, simultaneous interpretation has good places, but also can not be sure of the place, if you want to challenge yourself, it is not wrong to choose German, German simultaneous interpretation is very exercise personal thinking activity and response ability.

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