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About ARTLANGS >News >What areas of translation do translators work in?

What areas of translation do translators work in?

  More and more people who take the exam have begun to sign up and learn. For those of us who love foreign languages in the future, what are the fields that Yayan Translation Company will engage in in the translation industry in the future?

  One: the automobile industry

  Auto industry is one of the more flourish, Britain, France, Germany is the country of car is relatively long historical development, but also the most good state, sales for the car sales in addition to the foreign countries, and often for export, so overseas trade industry is to flourish, when the translator will play a communication bridge between the two countries.

  Two: chemical industry

  Chemical industry generally includes chemical fertilizer, petrochemical products, plastic products, chemical equipment, fine chemicals, rubber products, such as laboratory equipment Don't, many scientific research based on the chemical industry, foreign exchange, foreign cooperation, the friendship between two or more countries development cannot leave a plays an important character of the role of communication, at this time, Personnel engaged in the translation industry is particularly important.

  Three: the electrical industry

  Such as some of the household, heaters, oxygen machine, vacuum cleaners, audio-visual equipment, household electrical appliances such as kitchen appliances, refrigerator freezer, class, its products specifications often involves a variety of languages, and the other countries of the language transformation cost countries of the language, you need a large number of translators to complete the arduous historical mission.

  Four: machinery industry

  Industry is the important pillar of a nation, and the machinery industry is a typical representative, like some machine tools, instruments, mining and metallurgy machinery, machinery, power engineering, construction engineering, chemical machinery and other industries are all belongs to the category of the machinery, and also for national, only on its own scientific research and technology is often a blemish, and foreign exchange is one of the more important, Friendly exchanges between countries often yield good results.

  Five: the communication industry

  Video phone allows relatives in foreign countries to get together and feel the true feelings of their loved ones. Wireless communication, mobile communication, programcontrolled exchange, automatic control, sensing technology and optical instruments can only be realized when people who know the languages of different countries communicate.

  VI. Law, economy and trade, finance, medicine and architecture

  In addition, like some legal industry, economic and trade industry, financial industry, pharmaceutical industry, construction industry also need people from all over the world to exchange and communicate. It is the most important to know the languages between countries and the cultural customs of each country, and translators play a key role at this time.

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